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  • Livestrong MyPlate app

    I have been tracking meals using Livestrong MyPlate. Eventually discovered that there's an app for that. I have used the free version for a couple of weeks. Though the database seems a little different, it was convenient to be able to log meals on the go, rather than using Notepad. However, I still ended up going on line at the end of the day to re-log everything, as the app doesn't track macronutrients as a cumulative total, just the calories. (I am tracking calories too for now, as part of attempting to follow Leangains, so having a running total through the day is good.)

    Yesterday I sucked it up and spent $2.99 for the payed version of the app - a high price for an app by app standards - but come on, for the price of a venti....
    It's awesome because it syncs with your online account automatically! If you have any custom meals, they appear right at the top of the food list. The app is a one-in-the-same extension of the online log. When you log on to the web version, all of your day's entries are right there. I highly recommended it for OCD nutrient-counters.