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Fruit Till Noon and 3 Body Cycles

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  • Fruit Till Noon and 3 Body Cycles

    Does anyone have thoughts on the 3 natural body cycles? I've read articles that claim the body has 3 cycles, and that from 4am to 12pm (noon) is the body's natural elimination cycle. And that any food besides fruit during this cycle will disrupt it. Has anyone ever looked further into this?

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    It was called Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Their degrees were from a post office box in Texas, or so the story goes. I'm sure their info is still around somewhere. They were big into food combining, protein eaten with carbs would cause rot in your digestive tract, that kind of thing. Bunk!!


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      Fit for life? I think it's bollocks. Oh people see an improvement, but it's easily explained by the fact that restricting yourself to fruit in the morning, you naturally don't really eat much -- fruit is really quite light, nutritionally. As I recall, the next cycle is digestion, then absorption.... Somehow I doubt that the meal I ate at noon is going to wait 'til 8pm to start being absorbed.

      The recommendation to eat during an 8-hour window daily (sounds familiar, dunnit? ) works, but the "science" behind it is pure bunk.


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        I agree that this sounds like bonk. BUT... what interests me about this is that the idea that your body is in an elimination cycle until noon kinda fits in with Grok's lifestyle. Grok most likely didn't have a big breakfast readily available to him upon waking, like in today's world, agreed? So don't you think that over time the body could have adapted to use the morning as a cleaning cycle? If there is no science to back this up, then i would dismiss it. But i think its worth looking into because it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.


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          It makes absolutely no sense from an evolutionary perspective, actually. Being able to concentrate on only one out of consumption, absorption, and elimination at the same time is a serious liability for anything that wants to stay alive. There's also the fact that the organs associated with those functions are all different, which means that you can't even say that it's because you're "tying up" something. All these functions go on concurrently, in the magnitude that is necessary for each particular moment. We happen to do a lot of elimination in the morning because we just spent a third of the day not being able to do so, no surprise that we'd feel the need soon after. Diamond noticed this, plus the fact that most people aren't really all that hungry in the morning and slapped on an attractive, pseudoscientific explanation for it.


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            Actually back then you would've eaten whenever you managed to make a kill. This could mean twice a day or once every 3 days, depending on whether you can find anything.
            The reason we all eat at night is because it's usually easier to get a meal together later in the day (work, school etc.). The benefits of fasting minus the trouble for being late.
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