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  • Are you using a water filter?

    Water quality is a subject that got me worried a bit over the last days. Mark seems to favor tap water filtered with a decent water filter and I've been drinking mostly unfiltered water and bottled carbonated water (which I don't even like that much) until now.

    From what I've read so far chlorine and heavy metals seem to be a thing one has to take care of while it might actually be a bad idea to artificially soften the water.

    So are you people using a water filter and if so, what kind of filter? I know that quality comes at a price, but I simply don't have that money, so I'd appreciate if anyone would know a decent priced water filter (if you think it's necessary at all). Some people seem to favor the Brita filters, but those soften the water.

    Oh, and this is a water analysis I found from the area I live in (I'm from Germany btw), do you think there are any values that are especially high/inappropiate?

    ph: 7.91

    Calcium: 66 (mg/l, just like all the other values I'm gonna mention now)

    Magnesium: 6.1

    Natrium: 42

    Potassium: 2.9

    Iron: 0.007

    Manganese: < 0.005

    Ammonium: 0.07

    Nitrite: < 0.010

    Nitrate: < 0.5

    Chloride: 53

    Sulfate: 10

    Arsenic: < 0.0005

    Lead: < 0.002

    Cadmium: < 0.0003

    Chrome < 0.002

    Cyanide < 0.005

    Fluoride: 0.09

    Nickel: < 0.002

    Mercury: < 0.0002

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    I have one built into the fridge... Pure Source 2 is the brand... pretty good i think. It says to change it every 6 months but generally I change it every 4.

    If you don&#39;t have a fridge with one built in... you could get the one you hook up to your kitchen sink... that one seems pretty good. I think its calle "pur" water filters


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      I have a filter on the kitchen faucet, another whole house filter, and a pitcher with a small Brita filter in it.

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        Best thing you could do would be go to and find a spring in your area where you can go get water for free.

        Unless you are using reverse osmosis or distilling your tap water, you are not removing the flouride. Brita, carbon filters, boiling, do nothing to remove flouride and that&#39;s the substance you do NOT want in your water.

        If you can&#39;t find a spring near you, buy bottle spring water and make sure it has no flouride! Pour the water into glass jars when you get home. You really taste plastic after you&#39;ve opened the bottle and allowed air inside to oxidize for a couple days.


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          The mercola water filters are top notch, but as far as not being able to afford those filters, maybe go for the artesian waters? They are bottled, so BPAs is a problem, but maybe not as much as fluoride in chloride in your water.

          Any filter that filters fluoride out is going to be expensive as it is relatively hard, so if you can&#39;t afford those I would go bottled or at-least get a chlorine filter.

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            Well thanks for the site, but I live in Germany and there is only one spirng on that map in Germany which is quite far away, so I doubt this is an option.

            Concerning the fluoride. German tap water is not fluoridated (I posted the amount of fluoride that&#39;s probably in my tap water in my first post (is this too much?)), does that make a difference?


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              There is no safe amount of flouride. You can tell if your water is flouridated by checking to see if the water collecting under your dish rack is brown. If it is, you got flouride!

              Check this video about what flouride did to this man&#39;s horses.


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                I&#39;m looking at getting a "Zero water" filter with a water dispenser. It&#39;ll be cheaper than buying bottled water how I am now, I usually buy gallons of distilled water but it adds up.


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                  I have a thingy called Aquasanna. For my shower and in the kitchen. I&#39;m not sure if it made a difference, it doesn&#39;t smell like chlorine anymore and it doesn&#39;t dry my skin that much!

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                    I have a brita


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                      MadMUHHH is not at all comprehensive. There are springs all over France and none are mentioned there, so maybe you do have one near you?


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                        I purchased a nearly new water cooler (it also offers boiling hot water) on craig&#39;s list for $30. It came with a 5 gallon jug and I go to...I&#39;m not sure what they&#39;re called, I guess I&#39;d have to call them water huts! It&#39;s a little autonomous building located in parking lots here and there throughout Las Vegas. It costs $1.50 for 5 gallons and there&#39;s a list on the side of the building stating the various of ways it&#39;s filtered (reverse osmosis, chlorine removal, fluoride removal, particle separation, etc.). Anyways, it tastes GREAT, not thick like other bottled waters I&#39;ve had, and it&#39;s inexpensive. Luckily I live about 500 yards from one so it&#39;s convenient for me to refill my jug.

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                          Just ordered one of these monsters: You can get it with flouride filters (which I did).


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                            I use one of those brita filtered pitchers, and I have a filter on the water line to my ice maker as well.


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                              Another "We done talked this out to death" topic:

                              What the heck is "thick" water?

                              Fluoride is natural in water in Florida. It&#39;s just there. It isn&#39;t poison. Arsenic, well yeah, but only a few municipal sources out west struggle with keeping arsenic down.

                              Charcoal filtration removes odor and taste. Little Britta filters don&#39;t work. R.O. units use charcoal filter to remove odor and taste and then the R.O. process to remove minerals and metals.

                              But for the most part, people worry too much about their water. You want impure water? Ask Grok.