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Supplements (Vespa... creatine) and running...

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  • Supplements (Vespa... creatine) and running...

    When I started primal, I was at 257.

    I'm now flirting with breaking the 200 mark, and I have done this with very little excersise. Just following my diet very strictly.

    I feel that it's time for me to add excersise into my routine, and have taken long distance running back up.

    Yea... I know... this isn't primal. Don't care. I really enjoy it. (I used to run marathons in my youth).

    So far I haven't had any more problems then expected maintaining low carbs (around 30 per day), and running up to 3 miles. In fact, I am feeling surprising strong. But, after about 5 months on very low carbs, my body should be very well adapted by now.

    As my milage increases, I do not expect this to last forever, and I do expect to have to increase my carb consumption to keep up with the growing demands.

    In the mean time (and beyond), I was wondering if there might be any advice on what supplements might be recomended to keep up with the long distance running while maintaining low carbs.

    I have been specifically considering creatine supplements, and Vespa looks very interesting:

    How VESPA Works

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    Hey! Congratulations on all that lost weight!

    I have not used VESPA and I no longer do long distance anything. Maybe someone can help. If you don't get an answer here, you might try the athletes forum.

    You probably will need some added carbs during long runs, no matter how good you become at burning fat.
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