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    I've been struggling with some pretty severe food allergies, some of which I suspect I have yet to figure out, and I've realized that no matter how much I ask a server, they won't tell me if there's something I might be allergic to in the food (I keep getting sick anyway). I've gone on pretty much something like a Whole30 diet, with very simple, straightforward ingredients, and no restaurant eating. I may get water at a restaurant, but that's it.

    The trouble is that I've got a 4-day convention coming up that will require copious amounts of energy (and maybe little sleep). I don't think I can bring a cooler, mostly because there's 5 of us staying in one room, and there's not going to be much room, but there is supposed to be a mini fridge. I'd still like to keep things that don't require refrigeration.

    I've made a list, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions?

    Trader Joe's plain organic jerky
    sunflower seeds
    homemade energy bars
    pemmican (going to try Tanka Bars)
    apples and pears

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    Looks like a pretty good list. I'd add some coconut flakes and maybe a jar of coconut oil/butter.


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      I dunno if I could eat coconut oil straight... lol Coconut flakes is a good idea, though.

      I also thought to add cacao nibs.


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        If you have a dehydrator and time you could make your own jerky and also some dried fruit. Or even dried sweet potato if you want some starch.