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Severe hypoglycemic episode after two day on PB.

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  • Severe hypoglycemic episode after two day on PB.

    Hi everyone.

    I have always had mild hypoglycemia, so I would eat often and mostly carbs (which I know made it worse). I decided to change to PB to manage it, but after two days of eating 120 grams of carbs on both days, I had a severe hypoglycemic episode (BS in the 30s). I had to drink about 30 ounces of OJ and eat a mini snickers and twix to get it back up. I said this in my meet and greet post that I only weigh 93 pounds and I have a really fast metabolism and I ate A LOT of sugar up until 2 days ago. Candy, cookies, etc.... just two days of primal, I lost two pounds (I had about 2000 calories, 60% of cals were from fat). My goal is not to lose weight, but to be healthier. I do work out a lot and don't have a good reserve of body fat (I am about 9%) to draw from. I am a female by the way and about 5'3".

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if I am doing anything majorly wrong from this info? Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I wonder if I need a higher carb count or if I do need to add a grain in? Or, if this was just a major symptom of sugar withdrawal. Luckily, I was able to get to the phone and call my husband who came home with a bunch of sugar.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    From your post, I'm guessing you're diabetic. That may be the reason that you experienced such low blood sugar upon decreasing your carbs. You may have to adjust your medication (if you take any) and definitely your insulin (if you use it).

    Also, 9% bodyfat is very low for a woman. Most men aren't even that low. If that is true, then you could definitely do with some weight gain, fat and muscle.

    If you stick with Primal eating, your health will improve. Just be careful of those hypoglycemic episodes.


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      Have to say you may be diabetic as well. Get to your doctor and get checked for that. Also, start eating more fat. Eat coconut oil off a spoon or put it in cofffee or tea and drink it.


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        Thanks for the response! I am not diabetic, just really badly hypoglycemic (thought I was mild, but I am going to bump it up to "badly" from what I just found out with what happened) I know my body fat is low and it so weird because I live off carbs and only do cardio for about 30-40 minutes a day (not even hard cardio). No lifting weights or anything. I actually got it up to 9% from 6% a year ago. I love my metabolism, but it makes me run into problems, and I feel like I have to eat all the time. (maybe I should get tested for diabetes. lol)

        I was just reading some other hyperglycemic threads (sorry, searched after I posted this) on here and one said to keep my carbs to under 20 grams and don't eat fruit or nuts, but I get a little nervous to do that because of what happened today. Maybe I will give that a try, but will definitely keep up with primal blueprint no matter what and see how it goes. I do use a lot of coconut oil and bacon fat.


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          Hypoglycemia can easily turn into diabetes. If you haven't had your A1C checked in the past 3 months, seriously do it.


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            Thanks Geostump. I will definitely up the fat intake.

            And I will take myself to the doc to get checked out and talk to her a little more about this. Funny thing is, I am a nurse. But I make a horrible patient!


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              I thought I had a hypoglycemic reaction the other day... I started getting visual auras, I couldn't speak clearly, my head began to throb, and then I lost feeling in my hands. I ate a handful of boiled eggs, banana, almond butter, chocolate and felt better. Are these symptoms that you experience? The only other time I got this was when I did very intense workouts, 60 minutes, while first converting to paleo... But I hadn't gotten this in almost two years.

              I can't believe you have such a low body fat. I've heard type 1 diabetics referred to a "bottomless hole" where they can eat incredible amounts of food but never gain weight. Perhaps that is another clue to your true condition, although don't take my word for it.. . . ..
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                Originally posted by gritty View Post
                Thanks Geostump. I will definitely up the fat intake.

                And I will take myself to the doc to get checked out and talk to her a little more about this. Funny thing is, I am a nurse. But I make a horrible patient!
                Medical pros make the worst patients.

                Hypoglycemia is basically pre-diabetes. With you eating like you do with such low bodyfat, you'd have to be a diabetic. My husband is a diabetic and all the research I've read basically shows that anything under 50 for your blood glucose levels is not good and 30 would be way too low. Definitely call your doctor now.


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                  How are you measuring your body fat? 6% or 9% for a woman is extremely low, improbably so. Even female figure competitors aren't at that level of leanness when they get up on stage. Women start to look very lean (defined abs etc) around 15% body fat or so.
                  While people who are pre-diabetic or diabetic can experience reactive hypoglycemia, it's not quite true that hypoglycemia is basically pre-diabetes.
                  Anyway, I would really be asking your doctor about this. Blood glucose in the 30s is crazy and you should get yourself checked out more throughly instead of trying to diagnose yourself on the internet.


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                    Well, I went into a body pod because I was curious. And then used the handheld after that, which is pretty accurate. And I am bony, with muscle (it;s kind of embarrassing). I made an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday to talk it over with her. It is just all so weird, and there once was a time when I joked around that I had diabetes. I still dont think I do, but I do need to figure out what is going on here.

                    Thanks for your replies. I am going to stick with this and see how it goes. hopefully, it will get better in the long-term as my body adjusts.


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                      gritty, the key for me was to eat fat and plenty of it! I would put two ounces, at least, in my coffee every morning, and again mid-morning. I no longer do this, but it was essential for the transition period. I am now FREE of blood sugar problems! This from one who has passed out more than once from a sugar drop, and I lived much of my life from snack to snack, in fear of the trembling panic that would hit if I let it drop too low.
                      I can now put lunch off for a couple of hours, no big deal. That used to be unthinkable. So, PB works great for that, but I would drop the carbs lower, tough it out through the transition period, and know that better days are coming. In the meantime, eat lots of fat!


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                        Oh boy, think I figured it out, but I want to say thanks again for the responses. I really do appreciate it.

                        I take a med for anxiety (And I believe my anxiety is a result of my unstable blood sugar), and so I did a little research and what do you know....causes major hypoglycemia. And just to make myself feel better before I see my doc, I went and purchased a home A1C kit, which can be pretty accurate. My A1C was 4, so that was fine. Really low, actually. I think I have found the culprit. The medication, so I will be bringing this up as well. And it is also the reason I have been craving carbs (but I knew it makes you crave sugar), but I have always been able to eat just enough to keep my blood sugar stable.

                        I was hoping that PB would help my anxiety (and I still think it will) so I could get off this med, but it is going to be a tad bit harder than I thought. But will just have to do a little tweaking. Upping the fats, etc....

                        What a nightmare.


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                          Gaining some fat would probably help too. If your bodpod reading was accurate, you bodyfat is WAY too low... as in unsustainable and unhealthy low... As in low enough your organs are probably not in good shape.

                          Female bodybuilders usually have a bodyfat level of 9%, but they only go that low for the few days around competitions because, even with drug use, it's extremely unhealthy.


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                            So what does your doctor and/or nutritionist think about all this?
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                              Why is everyone talking about this being related to diabetes? The OP is having problems with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. This is the exact opposite of the problem in diabetes.

                              Hypoglycemia in a diabetic is a potential side effect of treatment, it is not part of the disease.