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What to prioritise to lose weight?

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  • What to prioritise to lose weight?

    Heh... I've put some weight back on. Not a lot, but this is the wrong direction and I'd like to reverse the trend.

    I can think of a few things to try, but which do you think is most likely to make a difference?

    Eat less - focus on only eating when hungry
    Restart doing weightbearing exercise - press-ups & squats & planks and such-like
    Stop eating anything, at all, with sugar in
    Give up dairy

    If I'm going to try one of these things for 30 days, which do you think it should be? (Note - I could always add another one for the following 30 days - just trying to find the one change that's most likely to yield results.)

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    Why would you just do one? I don't think you'll find any results that way.

    Unless you just eat less than you need of things.
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      I think most here agree that diet is 80% of the battle, so I wouldn't put my initial focus on exercise. I'd go for only eating when hungry and cutting the sugar.


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        your weight is almost entirely dependent on your diet. you can exercise your ass off but if you arent eating right youll never lose weight

        so out of your list of things i would definitively give up sugar first its a real killer. obviously eating less will help. i dont have a problem eating dairy, some people do but its not on my list of things to avoid
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          Thanks - good to have the nudge & some added focus.


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            If you're not doing at least 2 rounds of strength/"weightbearing" exercises a week (LHT, like the 5 essential primal movements as described in PBF), I'd put that at the top of the list. I know that 80% of body is diet, but I am becoming more and more convinced that if you really want to be have to be strong!

            If you are already doing that, I would not recommend adding anymore if your first goal is weight loss. I'd order the other items you listed as follows:

            1) Stop eating anything, at all, with sugar in (or at the very least aim to cut it by some fraction...1/2, 1/4, etc. -- or maybe make it a long term goal to "step down")
            2) Eat less - focus on only eating when hungry (trying using some IF to accomplish this)
            3) Give up dairy (or again, look at cutting it by some fraction of what you are consuming)

            I'd definitely make sure to have the sugar consumption in check before trying the other things (except getting up to doing strength 2x/week) as eating less (and things like IF) becomes a LOT easier when the sugar is under control.
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              1) No more sugar than in the 85% chocolate
              2) No snacking when not hungry... been doing a lot of that, eating when bored/ at a loose end/ facing work I don't know how to start. And snacks are often dairy, so that's two birds with one stone
              3) Morning exercise

              One of these things at a time, because that's how I work - I'm the 'one habit at a time' type. Here goes.


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                Good Luck! I have the habit of eating out of boredom too. Just make a conscious effort not to start heading for the kitchen during down time. Think to yourself.. am I really hungry or just bored?


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                  you can just eat less which will also waste a lot of muscle away. Not good.

                  You can strength train intensely enough to lessen the muscle loss or add muscle while also eating less. Preferred.


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                    The biggest thing that restarted my weight loss was only eating when hungry. I don't eat breakfast anymore. I was doing it because I thought I "should". Now I have a smallish lunch and a fairly big dinner. I have lowered my calories somewhat, but done it comfortably. I have upped my activity level a bit, but just because I feel lighter and more energetic

                    I have not lost a lot of muscle. I don't think I have lost muscle at all, that I can tell anyways. I think that losing lots of muscle is a little overrated in terms of what actually happens. Us ladies are not hugely musclebound anyways, so we don't have tons of muscle to lose, proportionately.

                    I also keep my protein high, and tend to run a macro balance of about 1/3 calories each from each. I eat dairy daily and don't see losing it any time soon. What I also have done is look at the things that were inflammatory for me. Nightshades are a problem (achy joints), as are FODMAPs food (IBS-D symptoms). Dropping those helped. I also supplement with chromium now and I think that has helped with the appetite issue. Chromium stabilizes blood sugar.

                    I hope some of this is helpful for you in your situation.

                    edit: I switched my chocolate from 90% to 99% and eat far less - I just use it as a garnish on berries and yogurt now.

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