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Juice vs. whole vegetables?

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  • Juice vs. whole vegetables?

    So, I'm pregnant and trying to eat as well as possible, but I'm really struggling to get my full load of vegetables. Mostly because pregnancy really slows down your system, and I feel full and bloated all the time... the last thing I want to do is add 3-4 cups of bulky vegetables to my stomach each day. This week I just haven't been doing it. I feel way too full to eat that much, and when I do eat the veggies, I find myself unable to fit in the protein and fats that I know I also need. I've also had some food aversions and I'm lazy (okay, being nice to myself, I'm pregnant and exhausted!) so convenience is a factor.

    Can I realistically replace whole vegetables with high quality, organic vegetable juice, at least on the days I feel really full? The one I drink now is organic, and supposedly contains 2lbs of vegetables per serving. I know the fiber is missing, but is anything else? I can get fiber from other sources (ie chia), so if it's just the lack of fiber that's a problem, I'd feel much better drinking juice.

    Any thoughts?

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    I wouldn't do it, we're designed to eat things, not drink them.

    So, my thoughts, I think it's a terrible idea.
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      I'm not sure if taking fiber with juice is really the same thing. I'm also not convinced "organic" juice is really that much better than other juice to begin with. I would guess you'd be better off juicing your own vegetables and keeping the pulp with it.


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        I thought you meant juicing them yourself, in which I would say right on! I make a veggie juice every morning, usually celery, lemon, cucumber with a different head of dark leafy green each time. The stuff you buy in a bottle cannot be compared to or replace fresh vegetables though.


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          Well, you won't be pregnant forever. You can probably improvise for a few months. It's not ideal, but you can get Greens+ supplements at health food stores, things that have all kinds of vegetable extracts and nutrients. You can get a fruit version too. That'll get the good stuff into your body.

          There's also things like green smoothies, with kale or seaweed or so on. There's recipes for this floating around on the web, most of them are tailored to get kids to eat a bunch of greens, so they're designed to be easy to drink and to taste good.

          That might get you through until you can eat more normal vegetables. But keep in mind that lots of people go through years and years without eating a single non-potato vegetable. Their health is shite, but they don't DIE.

          You can probably do one of these compromises for a while and be pretty much fine.
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            Ditto on the smoothies (also from the PNW). We use a Magic Bullet we got at BB&Beyond. It's easy to go on Youtube and find videos for "green smoothies" with a spinach base that also include other fruits and veggies like apples and dates for sweetness. Easy Peasy, that's the way I'd go. You get to keep all the good stuff in the drink too, like fiber, enzymes, etc.


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              Vegetable and fruit juice is the equivalent of turning grains into flour. Cut yourself a break. Special circumstance.


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                That's a good point, pyro13g. I am now reminded to add that it's easy to get carried away with the sugars when making a green smoothie, as well. I do try to keep them half the mug size and I personally don't use dates to sweeten like the raw foodies do. I still focus on the veggie content over the fruit. I think it's better than storebought juice, though I rely on organic veggie juice when camping but that's short term.


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                  Thank you all, there is some really good advice here. I think I'm going to pull out the vitamix and start making some green smoothies and veggie soups! Anyone have a recipe that will keep for a day or two? I'm really feeling the fatigue and trying to cut down on food prep, anything that can stretch for a couple of servings is wonderful right now.


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                    I would take 10 capsules of super greens daily. They contain spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, wheat grass and alfalfa sprouts. Equals 3-4 serves of veg pr day. I did this throughout my pregnancy. You can also get it as a powder to use in smoothies.


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                      Are greens powders primal? I used to add them to smoothies, but stopped when I went paleo because I figured grasses = bad. I remember reading somewhere that wheatgrass is not allowed...


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                        Originally posted by paleo_hailey View Post
                        Are greens powders primal? I used to add them to smoothies, but stopped when I went paleo because I figured grasses = bad. I remember reading somewhere that wheatgrass is not allowed...
                        That's bull pucky.
                        I've seen many people chewing grass from all over. We may not swallow it, but we do chew and extract the juices from it - though, not in large quantities, like a cow or deer would. They also swallow the blades and use a huge gut to digest them.

                        Wheatgrass is not wheat. The seeds of mature wheat grass are wheat. Fresh young blades of the grass are not the same thing as the seed - just as the root, leaf and branch of the avocado tree is not the same thing as the avocado itself. Though, the fiber of the wheatgrass is not digestible.

                        Different things are edible in different stages of development. Like Bean Sprouts.


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                          Smoothies are fine. Blending your veggies and/or fruits does not in any way change the nutrients you get from them. In fact, it probably releases more; especially in veggies such as carrots.