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Leptin resistance - that much protein? how?

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    [I get up at 5am and work 12 hours if I eat breakfast by 530 and lunch in 5 hrs then dinner in 5 I'm done eating by 330 but I don't get off work until 730 and I'm hungry when I get home any suggestions.

    QUOTE=geostump;537835]You can get horse meat easily in most countries and in some parts of the US.

    Check out - Jack Kruse and the leptin reset thread in the Nutrition forum. With the reset, you must eat 50g of protein for breakfast with little to no carbs. You're allowed as much carbs as 50g total for a day but should ideally keep it under 30. The idea of eating 50g of protein within 30 minutes of waking is this: It keeps you from wanting to snack in between meals and gorging on sugar and starches. You also want to space lunch minimally 5 hours after breakfast and dinner 5 hours after lunch but eat dinner 3 hours before bed. Leptin is the master hormone and if you have issues such as being insulin resistant, PCOS, hashimoto's and other autoimmune disorders you want to fix leptin first as all the other hormones that are out of whack will fall in line. If you are making yourself become leptin sensitive you will then become more insulin sensitive which is what we all want.

    I should know. I am IR and PCOS. I have pretty much cleared up the majority of my PCOS symptoms and my IR. Before the reset and while I was following primal, my average fasting blood glucose levels were around 120, they are now 104 which is fairly normal or close to normal.[/QUOTE]