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  • Any Primal Preggos want to chat?

    Hi! I am 23 weeks pregnant and struggling to keep up my primal ways. I did really well before this pregnancy and SHOULD have the motivation to keep going, but I keep making bad choices. I would love if any other preggos (or non preggos) want to chat on the forum and keep accountable. Really just to have anyone to want to do this with me would be awesome. My husband is wonderful, but he loves his grains and they don't love me .
    I get plenty of exercise and did super well on an 80/20 style primal plan before pregnancy. For some reason this go around I am just messing up all over the place! I know perfection isn't the aim here, but I find myself eating a lot of junk and just feeling miserable!
    Anyone else???

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    Hi Meg,

    How exciting for you and your husband I'm 10 weeks and blogging my pregnancy here - There are a few of us primal pregnant ladies around! I think it is much harder to stay on the wagon when you're dealing with cravings, fatigue, morning sickness, plus the popular idea that pregnancy is your time to indulge all you want... it sounds like you are doing your best, and that's great. Just take it one meal at a time!

    I've found myself looking for easier options - really simple recipes at dinnertime, some packaged snacks (still paleo friendly, but not the make-everything-myself I usually do), and there's definitely less variety in my diet than usual. And my exercise has gone out the window... I don't know how the ladies who keep running half-marathons while pregnant do it! I give myself a gold star if I walk my dog for a half-hour in the evening.

    My husband is paleo at home, so that helps, but he gets to go carb-crazy at work... sometimes I do NOT want to hear that the craft services table had pizza and brownies!
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      Pregnancy did thst to me too. From week 6 till 39+5 when the bub was born, I was on a full-blown SAD-diet. I was so sick all day long I could only handle starchy carbs and sweets. I of course regret this now that have all the weight to lose post-pregnancy. I gained 50 pounds!!! If this isn't motivation for you, then I don't know what is!


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        Hi! I'm just starting my seventh week of pregnancy and I've been primal about two months. I was just getting over carb flu when I became pregnant so it's been a while since I've had the energy to workout! I'm happy if I get a brisk walk in with some friends.
        My food cravings and aversions have started but lucky for me, all I want is red meat and salmon.
        That happened while I was pregnant with my first but I was a vegetarian and unfortunately didn't give into those cravings. I am now! In fact, I'm having to force myself to eat veggies because they are making me gag. I'm not craving starches too much but I find I need to add some sweet potatoes or yucca root to my diet every day or I get too tired.
        The thing I've most noticed is this diet has really stabilized my moods. I'm not dealing with any of the moodiness or extreme emotions I did with both my girls in early pregnancy. I think, once I reach my second trimester and get past my exhaustion, I will feel fabulous.


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          Yay for Primal friends . I don't feel so alone anymore. With my last pregnancy I had to go on a yeast free (no yeast, no sugar of any kind) and accidentally, but amazingly found the Primal Blueprint. After the initial 2 months of yeast free, I was able to transition to Primal and did really well. I found a groove for me and sustained it pretty well (only gained 22 lbs in pregnancy). I felt very energetic and was thrilled to be able to eat the occasional junk (peanut m&m's are my favorite) or dark chocolate without going crazy. Mainly I gave up grains and ate a lot of veggies, protein, dairy and fats with some chocolate and coffee here and there (daily, of course). Anyway, that is my goal again. I am just aiming to dump the grains right now. The rest of it I am going to give myself a little leeway. I think I was being too restrictive after the initial morning sickness trimester. Hopefully, dumping the grains will help with the moodiness I have been dealing with. I hate being like that and normally don't experience it. This is new to me and I really hate it! I'll let you guys know if the grain elimination helps
          Any of you stressing about gaining too much weight? I am not overweight to start with, but I hate the thought of having a lot to lose after the baby. Glamorama, I think you hit the nail on the head with motivation, but I guess I think about it too much in that I restrict so much that I throw in the towel at the end of the day.


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            I am a little worried about weight, mostly because this is my first and I don't know what to expect. I have always been very slim without any effort (although growing up pretty much primal probably helped!) and I'm scared that will change... my mother says she bounced back until her third baby, so maybe if we stop at two I'll be okay! Also my husband has a close female friend who had a baby last year. She gained maybe 15 lbs, all adorable belly, and left the hospital as model-slim as she was before... absolutely no sign she'd ever been pregnant. He now seems to think this is normal and achievable. So yes, I'm scared!


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              ...just piping in re: weight gain. None of the full Paleo moms whose stories I've read have gained excess weight. They all ate to satiety.

              Add in dairy and that may be another matter!
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                Hi, glad to have found this thread! Not pregnant yet, but hoping to be after starting the IVF (ICSI) procedure from my next cycle.

                This is my second round of PB, having lost some weight last year on it. In the meantime (8-10 months or so) I'd fallen off the wagon with a vengeance, and put all the weight back on. Now I'm 10 lbs down from my highest weight, but would hope to continue losing fat during the pregnancy as I'm still highly overweight, if I manage to continue eating like this. I don't know how realistic that is, as I've never before been pregnant.

                I'm currently eating 3 meals a day, no snacks (about 20-30g protein for breakfast, not a full Dr Kruse leptin prescription) - no grains, occasional dairy (butter and cheese) and daily cup or two of coffee. Veggies with most meals, sometimes nuts, and very rarely a small portion of fruit. Would that be a healthy diet for supporting a pregnancy?

                Also, has anyone got any experience with IVF? I would appreciate any input.


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                  thanks Dragonfly...I was pretty Primal with #1 and I was pleasantly surprised with my 22 lb. gain. It came right off within 2 weeks, but what I thought was really cool was that my daughter got a perfect score on the jaundice/oxygenation test. I gave birth at a large university hospital and both nurses and the doc had never seen a 100% score before. I attribute it to my diet while pregnant so Sherissima, I would say it sounds like a great diet! I did something very similar to that the first go around except I did eat some peanut m&m's. They are totally not primal, but helped me stay on the 80-90% primal plan, so I went with it!
                  Yesterday was a great day for me. One of the first I have enjoyed in a while. I tried to eat more protein and keep the SAD food away. I would say I did pretty well. I slept like a baby except for the usual bathroom trips a few times a night :0. I hope this was all diet related and that today I do the same! I would love some better quality sleep.
                  One thing I have noticed is that I am SO much hungrier when I am pregnant and nursing. Have any of you noticed this? Of course, I am not nursing now, but when I was with my daughter I remember being really hungry and some days I feel like I eat ALL DAY LONG!


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                    Meg, thanks for the advice! It seems that Primal diet in pregnancy really works for a healthy baby!

                    Regarding the hunger, a lot of people on the Leptin reset thread report that they became progressively less hungry after a few days/weeks of the big protein breakfast. It's supposed to be at least 50g protein (real meat, eggs, etc.), with fat (added CO if needed) and low carb. Again, not sure if it would work with any morning sickness, but should be OK to follow whilst nursing...


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                      Great marketing tagline from the 80's...

                      Prego, it's in there.
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                        Hi Meg! I'm right with ya - 22 weeks along here. I actually started primal WHILE pregnant because I was having such insane blood sugar swings. I used to eat a lot of grains but in a "healthy" manner... no junk food or processed food, and I even ground my own wheat to bake sourdough bread. It was a very hard pill to swallow when I finally admitted to myself that my wholesome whole wheat sourdough bread was giving me these blood sugar spikes and MAYBE I should do something differently.

                        I actually went primal cold turkey and totally fell in love. It hasn't been easy and due to financial reasons I can't be 100% but I do stick to the no grains and no sugars rule, and I minimize the "iffy" foods like dairy, legumes, etc. I think part of that is also being pregnant though - I'm just trying to pay attention to what my body is asking for, so I might eat a ton of fruit one week and then load up on fats the next (see my recipe in the recipe section for Chocolate Salty Balls... lol). I also don't beat myself up if I cheat because the truth is, primal requires a TON of food prep and cooking. I already have 2 kids, 3 and 4 yrs old and so I simply don't have the energy all the time to be perfect with it. I just try and remember that doing my best with what my body will tolerate is going to service my baby the best!

                        I feel so much better eating this way that I plan on continuing this after pregnancy which wasn't my intention at all originally. What's funny is when I started back in June I was JUST not able to get my pre-pregnancy pants buttoned and then a few weeks later I was able to again - and it lasted almost 2 months. I started to lose weight instead of gaining. I'm about 60 lbs overweight so it's not like I don't have it to lose, so it will be interesting once I'm done with this and actually TRYING to lose weight instead of stuffing myself trying to NOT lose weight.
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                          Hi All! Thanks for the replies. Dave, if it were on a t-shirt, I would buy it.
                          I have been experimenting with the Leptin thing off and on. i am totally not committed to it and to be honest, was a little apprehensive being pregnant and trying it. I don't think it is unhealthy at all, it is just that I didn't want the added pressure of "one more thing". However, maybe tomorrow morning I will give it a go. I really am trying to enjoy my primal food as much as possible and breakfast is the hardest meal for me to enjoy. the thought of steak and eggs is not my idea of a great breakfast! This morning I woke up pretty m/s, so I had gluten free toast with flax and peanut butter. It did the trick and I enjoyed my non-primal ways , but now I am eating a BAS, to make up for it! Betho, I totally understand the $ thing. I feel like some stuff I would rather not buy if I can't purchase the really good stuff. Beef is an example. We bought a 1/4 cow last year and after we ate through it, I really didn't want to buy conventional, but the grass finished was pretty pricey to keep up. So, while we are waiting for harvest season here, I go back and forth all the time on purchasing conventional and buying other primal things or foregoing those and getting good beef! I am also working on increasing my fat to increase my satiety and thus buy less food overall, but for some reason CO, does not do the trick for me. I am much better off with butter or heavy cream or full fat dairy. Anyone else have this problem?


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                            Also, Betho, I noticed for me that giving up wheat (well, gluten really) made the biggest difference of all in my cravings and how I felt. For me it causes migraines, so it was an easy thing to give up...but it did help me take and keep off the last few pounds pretty easily. I haven't been this size since early high school.


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                              Hi there!!! Another preggo. I'm 35.5 weeks, and I only have about 2 weeks left. I just started about 3.5-4 weeks ago, and I've been feeling great. I've actually lost weight consistently, about a pound a week, but baby is obviously growing, and I'm not trying to lose (eat whatever I want, when I want, as much as I want). If it keeps up, I will end up with a net gain of about 22 pounds, instead of my normal 30-40 pound gain.

                              To be honest, I am looking forward to this recovery, because I don't think I'll keep those extra 5-10 pounds on for 6-9 months this time. In fact, I think it would be cool if I end up doing like I did with my first where I was a size smaller than pre-pregnancy by my 6 week check up. I'm sure my nursing diet will stay the same as it is now - heavy protein/fat breakfast, then a BAS for lunch, meat & veggies for supper, and the snacks range from nuts to yogurt to fruit, whatever my body is craving at the time.

                              Keep it up, ladies! I sooo wish I had found this years ago, instead of just a few weeks ago.
                              ~wife and mother

                              Started primal a month before the end of my pregnancy with P who is now 1. Went from a size 14 down to a size 4 in less than a year. Now sitting at 20-21% body fat, a solid 130 pounds, and 5'9". Feeling better than ever before, and able to run around and chase my 5 little boys who range in age from 14 months up to 11.5 years old.