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Recovering from Diverticulitis and avoiding it in the future

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  • Recovering from Diverticulitis and avoiding it in the future

    I started following the Primal Blueprint just over three weeks ago, and two days ago I was diagnosed with diverticulitis (a bacterial infection in the colon). I have never had diverticulitis in the past, many are blaming my low carb "diet".

    Has anyone else experienced diverticulitis while on the primal blueprint? I am struggling to find foods to eat during recovery.

    This is a scary thing, the Doctor says that if it comes back again it may mean removal of a portion of my colon.

    Everyone is saying that I need a high fiber diet, that is low fat, because "fat is hard to digest". Obviously I question this wisdom, but I also do not wish to lose a part of my colon.

    -- Chris

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    I recommend chia to get things moving... it's a little controversial in the paleo world (Cordain doesn't love it), but I've found it has really helped with staying regular now that I'm pregnant. Practically all the carbs are fiber, and although Mark counts total carbs not net, I don't feel bad about "indulging" in chia pudding!

    You can also look for high-fiber vegetables and fruits... raspberries, apples or pears with skin, artichokes, broccoli...