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A good dinner dish for 4 adults and 5 kids

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  • A good dinner dish for 4 adults and 5 kids

    OK What is a good tasting dish, that's quite simply but really tasty and not too hard to cook for 9 people. I am thinking some kind of stew that I can bulk out with rice for the guests I have coming and then I can just eat the other bit! Any suggestions?[SIGPIC]

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    trying to think of meat 'n' sauce type recipes

    lamb tagine or chicken paprikash

    would be my first choices
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      If the visitors aren't primal how about a great spaghetti sauce? They can have pasta, you can have spaghetti squash.

      Alternately, a pork or beef roast done in a crockpot will feed a crowd with a nice assortment of veggies on the side.
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        We had a potluck last weekend for my daughter's 6th bday. We had meatballs, someone brought a chunky marinara sauce, sweet potatoe fries with bacon, assorted fruits and raw veggies.


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          I'd roast 2 whole chickens with a bunch of veggies and/or a salad. You could easily round that out with rice or potatoes, if you needed to, but chances are your guests won't even notice the absence of a starchy carb with food that yummy.

          One thing we did the other day for the 6 of us (2 adults, 4 kids, but 2 of those kids need to eat as much as I do) was to roast a chicken in the oven, adding a pan of winter squash pretty soon afterward, so they roasted together but weren't in the same pan, kwim? Then, I cooked some green beans fresh from the farmer's market, and we had some fruit. It was a super yummy supper that was easy & nobody missed bread/potatoes/rice with it. I think if we had had company, we would've also included a salad, but I was tired & it was just us.
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            Ribs always goes over well when we have guests. Delicious and easy to prepare. You can grill em up with some veggies or bake them (with roasted veggies). Nobody has missed the starch yet when I make them. I like the roast chicken idea above - will try that one next time!
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