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  • What do you drink??

    I'm about two days into the Paleo idea.

    What do you drink? I do like water, but I'm both a tea and coffee drinker, too.

    Starbucks Vanilla Latte. Don't tell me I have to give that up.

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    Water, water, and then more water.

    Green or rooibus tea, or some other kind of decaffinated black tea.

    Occasionally decaf coffee if I am not restricting dairy.

    Give two weeks without the vanilla lattes. You will be amazed at how your tastes have changed, and it will taste burned, syrupy sweet, and entirely unsatisfying.


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      water, water with lemon juice, tea, mostly green and herbal, sometimes white or black; coffee pre-workout.
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        Finnabair, I feel your pain, I work at Starbucks. I have switched to espresso macchiato with no added sugar. It is a simple and luscious drink, two shots of espresso topped with foam from the heavy cream. In coffee I just use cream and a bit of stevia. Now, I will say that stevia is not exactly primal, but I am still new to this so I choose that for my 20%

        Good luck on the lattes, they were hard for me to give up as well, however, I do feel better with my clothes getting to big


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          coffee, all types of tea (loose leaf son), water with and without lemon... I use dairy cream or coconut milk when I feel like it. I guess that's it.

          I don't know what's in a vanilla late but if it's from starbucks then its probably entirely too sweet if they sweeten it for you. They probably have to add some vanilla flavoring which is going to be a lot of sugar. Switch to regular coffee with heavy cream and add a bit of sugar as you learn to wean off the stuff. Anything with sugar nowadays is just way too sweet as I don't add it to anything.

          I can't even drink gin and tonics anymore the tonic is just way too sweet. I have to do half tonic/half soda... or drink it on the rocks with a splash of tonic
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            I drink yerba mate in the afternoons at work. You might want to try it if you want something other than tea or coffee.


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              Coffee, water, tea, coconut milk, & an occasional glass of wine with dinner. The 20% does help with the Caramel Cream Latte from my java house, but that is a rare treat.
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                Luckily I am have always been a water drinker. Drank a lot of Mountain Dew when I was in the Army. And recently started drinking the Mountain Dew Throwback. I am been primal for a week, and just turned the Dew off like a light switch. I have 1-3 cups of coffee a day with Splenda and splash of that OK?- George
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                  I have one up of coffee in the morning with cream and stevia. Other than that, it's usually water with a little lemon in it. Wine sometimes as a treat or a stevia-sweetened soft drink.


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                    Water, coffee with 35% cream, cognac, gluten free beer..


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                      Water, coffee, tea, beer, wine.

                      I happen to like the trenta iced coffee (or redeye) with cream. Only thing I would really avoid is sodas, for the sugar content, and juices for the same. Besides, you can't trust "natural" juice to be natural anyway, and sugar without the fiber is, meh.

                      Some will throw up their pinkies at the beer and wine, but in moderation, it's fine, and anecdotally it hasn't caused any problems for me. (Except for when I drink too much.)
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                        Lots of coffee with & and lots of my own tap water (from a mountain spring up the canyon) - no different from before Primal. Tea, soda, milk, sports drinks = yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.


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                          A Grande Vanilla Latte has approximately 36 grams of carbs most of which come from sugar. As an occasional treat, I would say, why not? But regularly? Think about it.
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                            Water, tea, coffee, will use cream or coconut milk in coffee. Occasionally a beer. Add lemon or lime to water or tea sometimes.
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                              Regular beverages include coffee (one big mug in the morning) if I'm at home or a restaurant, an Americano if I'm in a coffee shop, lots and lots and lots of water, coconut water post-workout, flavored seltzer if I want something fizzy (not sweetened, but this type), herbal teas.

                              Occasional beverages include Diet Coke (yeah, yeah, I know... I don't have it in the house, and I only occasionally have it when I'm out and about), iced tea, wine, and beer.
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