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  • daily meals + work

    howdy all, couple of questions first - what daily meals do you guys eat ? is it set eg

    breakfast -

    lunch -

    dinner -

    or do you change your view depending on what your doing ? or what exercise you have planned...

    second - say your in a hard job, lifting and walking alot.... maybe like 8 miles walking a day do you eat more carbs from say sweet potatoes ? would you eat your carbs at the start of the day or the end ?

    i understand that going below 50g carb a day will put me in ketosis but say i eat 150g the next day, it pushes me out and i eat high fat still ? surely i would be storing that cos i;d be burning through the carbs first....

    any help would be great

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    1. Meals - some eat the three standard ones, some of us eat only two or three, some change it up depending on how we feel. Nobody advocates snacking or "many meals" though.
    2. Carbs - it is really dependent on the individual. Try low carb for a while and see how that goes, then try higher carb etc. 150 g carbs really isn't a ton - you'd still be able to "burn through it" and then get to the fat, assuming you are insulin sensitive, exercising a lot, and not eating a massive amount of calories overall. Again though it depends on the individual. I recommend giving low-carb a good solid one month trial though if you are trying to lose weight.
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      Currently I'm pulling 12-hour shifts, so I've just gotten into the routine of getting up, going to work, then eating in the 4-5 hours I'm home after work. So far my body is ok with that.

      My job is a small factory job, so I'm on my feet 75% of the time, if not more, and it does include some heavy lifting, but it's not repetative. I seem to be ok on 50g of carbs or so, but I do enjoy sweet potatoes or other more carby foods on occasion. I usually end up reserving them for the weekend as a treat. If I do want something carby during the week, it's usually in the form of dessert. I try to make my first food of the day protein, whenever that happens to be, and save the carbs for last only if I'm still hungry enough to have them.

      That's just my 2 cents worth.


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        I don't even keep track.

        I usually have a breakfast of bacon and eggs, often with veggies and cheese mixed in the eggs. One mug of coffee comes after.

        Lunch is often leftovers, or something quick and easy such as tuna salad or something.

        Dinner is usually meat and veggies (fish, pork, beef, chicken, and something to go with it. Sometimes the veggies are in a salad, often they are cooked).

        I try not to snack too much. I do eat a piece of bread occasionally, but I don't buy it. (My wife picks it up when she goes shopping, which isn't that often.)

        I will often skip breakfast and/or lunch if I'm not hungry, though I often end up pretty hungry by about 4pm and start a little snacking before dinner.
        I walk quite a bit, do a lot of bodyweight exercises, and try to sprint about once a week or so.


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          I hold a professional 'sit at the desk job'. I break down my vacation days + work 1 hour longer each day to earn 'flexes' so I can have 4-day work week almost every week of the year. To compensate for the desk job, I walk to and from the bus + at lunch when the weather is not outrageous on the workdays and with my family on the weekends (at least 1 hour a day) and I have an excersise regimen that includes 3x lifting, and up to 4 20-30 min cardio sessions a week that I try to make as HIIT as I can depending on how tired I feel. I also stretch & do some yogi'ish body weight excersises at least on the work-days and I vist steam-room and garden as often as I can.

          I get up at ~ 4 am, have tea or coffee, then broth ~ 9 am, then eat my first meal ~ 11 am. It is protein and vegetable when I do not lift (normally microwaved egg-white with cucumber or radishes), and sweet potato/beet with some lean protein when I do not. I normally eat my next meal either at 1 pm or 3 pm depending on how hungry I am (normally canned fish with vegetables or leftovers), and have 1 tbsp of honey ~ 2 pm. My meals during the day are small. Then I go home and cook dinner that is a bonanza of proteins, veggies, and fruit, and snack on some nuts, cabbage and ham while cooking. Then I go to bed between 8 and 9 pm to rinse and repeat.

          It's boring, but it works. I don't count calories or macros,. instead I just concentrate on eating vegetables and proteins as fresh as I can get them at every meal, and limit nuts. I used to make my own kefir and quark, but I am trying dairy free since yesterday
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