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Squash instead of greens - still 100% PB?

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  • Squash instead of greens - still 100% PB?

    Since its winter here and very cold i tend to eat veggies that i can have warm (steamed or roasted) like butternut and gem squash much more than greens (salads), is this ok or will it stall my progress?

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    depends on what you mean by progress? By progress do you mean moving towards a PB diet? Or do you mean weight loss?
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      progress for me = weight loss and 100% PB


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        Remember that some greens (chard, spinach, watercress, collards) can all be eaten hot- in soups or saute'ed in butter (or bacon grease and garlic... mmmm).

        I can't think of any obvious reason that squash would stall you out.


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          I'll second collard greens! Delicious stuff, and packed with bacon (or ham hocks) and spices and all manner of delicious things. Always cheers me up on a cold day.


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            thanks will try the tips - though i don't eat bacon, i'm sure i can find a substitute. Somehow i had it in my mind that it should only be eaten raw - must be the lack of greens thats causing my brain loss


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              What could possibly not be Primal about eating seasonal vegetables? One of the joys of PB for me is getting to markets and finding that there are different things to eat at different times of year. Winter here in the UK meant squashes, root vegetables... oh, and kale. Green kale, purple kale, steamed kale, stir-fried kale...


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                Squash has never stalled my weight loss. Butternut us by far my favorite.

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                  How is eating squash bad for you?!?!

                  It's a vegetable (fruit), seasonal in the winter, etc. etc. yadda yadda, and it ain't a big crust of sourdough bread.
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                    Originally posted by nuraan View Post
                    progress for me = weight loss and 100% PB

                    squash is fine for this
                    Currently dabbling in: IF, leangains, Starting Strength, 5/3/1


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                      Butternut squash soup with chicken broth, ginger and garlic...
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                        thanks for the feedback guys
                        Please excuse i ignorance ... I am a bit neurotic about carbs - i followed a diet plan before which cut out carbs, sugar and most dairy and one of the things i was not allowed to eat was butternut squash. Even though it wasnt a perfect diet, i did manage to lose 18 kg doing it (changed my life) and it helped me kick my carb and sugar addiction which was a nice stepping stone when i started PB. With all the information a person is given its sometimes hard to decide. Even when i started PB i read that Whey protein was ok if taken occassionally and then i discovered Dr Kruse and he says not to use it because it increases your insulin which makes you store fat.


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                          @ Horsewoman ... Mmm- I can just imagine it with a bit of coconut cream
                          BTW - i got my Quick and Easy Cookbook yesterday ... I'm really excited to try them out - the eating part though - i'm not much of a kitchen person