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Rice bran oil or flaxseed oil?

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  • Rice bran oil or flaxseed oil?

    Both types organic... Yay or nay on PB?

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    What do you want them for?

    People sometimes take flaxseed oil for omega-3s. But in fact I don't think it has any DHA and EPA, which are the ones you want. We can do the conversion to some extent in our bodies, but not very well at all. Better to take fish oil/fish liver oil—or simply to eat oily fish a few times a week.

    Expeller-processed flaxseed oil is OK for salads, but it is a highly unstable oil. Buy very small bottles and keep it in the fridge.


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      I saw an ad on tv re rice brain oil IN and olive oil OUT - higher smoke point.
      I was wondering about how they compare:
      Foodwatch | 383-product-review-rice-bran-oil

      Flaxseed oil should not be heated.


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        I vote unnecessary.
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          I've used flaxseed on my salad. I can't use olive oil while on the Leptin-reset, so looking for an alternative. I have coconut oil but don't like the flavor of it.


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            you can get unflavored coconut oil

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              For what?
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                You may want to read:


                for a better explanation that I can muster of why you are basically wasting your time with Flax if your intent was to get your Omega 3s
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