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    Hi all, I've never taken capsule medicine or supplements before and I was curious how I should be taking Primal Flora, Primal Calm and the Advanced Damage Control Formula? The ones I took today I opened the capsules and consumed the contents only which was kind of messy and stuck to the roof of my mouth. When I put one of the capsules in my mouth to see if it would dissolve it just got gooey so I figured it's probably edible but I didn't want to take these every day as a whole capsule in case it wasn't safe or some such. Thanks

    Thought of another question: If breaking them and consuming the powder inside is the way to go, is there anything wrong with mixing all of the supplement powders into the Primal Fuel drink I make in the morning? This seems far more convenient and easier, plus it fulfills the "take with food" suggestion.

    Found the scoop. I'm silly.
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    If its a capsule, just swallow it. If its a free powder (not inside a capsule) then mix it with whatever liquid you want.


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      As a follow up, is it normal for a bowel cleanse to occur shortly after starting the primal nutrition supplements?