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vitamin D---nice internet tutorial

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  • vitamin D---nice internet tutorial

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    Sorry. That last was a mistake. Here is what was meant to be in its place.

    10 Foods High in Vitamin D | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
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      Not a very good resource, IMO. The author seems to think that the RDA is sufficient for Vitamin D. I think most of us know that this is not true.

      If in any doubt, read Mark's take:Vitamin D: Sun Exposure, Supplementation and Doses | Mark's Daily Apple

      • Mushrooms are high in D2 not D3--the form preferred by the body.

      • Except for Cod liver oil, which comes with potentially too much vitamin A, none of the food sources will get you even close to the 1000 IUs per 25/lbs of body weight recommended by the Vitamin D Council and other researchers.

      • SUN is the best source of Vitamin D3, if you can get it--Oil-based D3 supplements are the next easiest & cheapest source.
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        The author is a vegetarian. The web site is a vegetarian centered thing. But---I thought the list and pictures were sort of nice.

        Thanks for your modifications and improvements. That's why we all come here.

        By the way, I hold Mark in the highest regard, but his word isn't always gospel. It is just a waymark for added study. I have no gurus.

        Dried Shiitake mushrooms do pretty well in the vitamin d content.

        Natural Sources IU Vitamin D/Serving
        Herring 1383 per 3 ounces
        Herring, pickled 578 per 3 ounces
        Salmon, pink, canned 530 per 3 ounces
        Halibut 510 per 3 ounces
        Cod liver oil* 450 per teaspoon
        Catfish 425 per 3 ounces
        Mackerel, Atlantic 306 per 3 ounces
        Oyster 272 per 3 ounces

        Shitake mushrooms, dried 249 per 4

        Sardines, pacific, canned in tomato sauce 213 per 1/2 cup or 182 per sardine
        Sardines, atlantic, canned in oil 203 per 1/2 cup or 33 per sardine
        Tuna, light meat, canned in oil 200 per 3 ounces
        Shrimp 129 per 3 ounces
        Egg, cooked 26 per whole egg 25 per yolk
        Fortified Sources IU Vitamin D/Serving
        Tofu, fortified 120 per 1/5 block
        Cow's milk, all types 100 per 8 ounces
        Milk, canned evaporated 102 per 4 ounces
        Rice milk, fortified 100 per 8 ounces
        Soy milk, fortified 100 per 8 ounces
        Orange juice, fortified 100 per 8 ounces
        Pudding, made with fortified milk 50 per 1/2 cup
        Cereal, fortified 40 per serving
        Yogurt, fortified (Danimals) 40 per 1/2 cup
        Supplemental Sources IU Vitamin D/Dose
        Most multivitamins** Usually 400 IU
        Calcium with Vitamin D Amount varies
        Vitamin D only Amount varies
        * High in retinol
        ** May be high in retinol
        USDA National Nutrient Data Base:
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