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Going primal with gallbladder issues

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  • Going primal with gallbladder issues

    It seems that my parents, in particular my father, are mildly interested in going primal. Which is great - I sort of expected it but not so early. I wrote up the basics for him (he won't read the book because his English is not nearly good enough). Naturally, it would be easier if my mother did it with him since she is the one who cooks most meals for both of them. She is rather skeptical, though, and really loves bread. But I think that she would not mind trying Whole 30 and see for herself.

    The problem is that she probably has gallstones (she thinks she has - it has not been yet confirmed by a doctor). From time to time she vomits when she eats butter in the evening. She says it has never happened to her in other times of the day but then she does not really eat much fat (CW, you know). Not so long ago she vomited in the night when I cooked salmon for her for dinner. And now I am worried that if she goes primal and starts eating more fat, her gallbladder (or whatever it is - hopefully not pancreas) might act up and she will be lost for this way of eating forever and so will be my father - under her influence. And I really want it to work out for him. While my mother is extremely healthly and reasonably fit for her age, he has some unpleasant conditions and needs to reverse them urgently before it is serious.

    So what can I do? Should I tell my mother she should perhaps not do it right now because it might irritate her gallbladder? She will need to go through a thorough health check next year. If doctors find gallstones, they may suggest a surgery but she will probably resist as long as it is not absolutely necessary.

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    my brother in law suffers from gall problems too, so I look forward to responses. IMO, his diet is terrible (I drive him to the store)
    --Trish (Bork)


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      Going Paleo/Primal was what "fixed" my gall bladder. I was scheduled for surgery...all the women in my family had GB removed. I did a few "gall bladder flushes" I thought were surely bunk..but haven't had a problem since that, and going high fat.
      I also avoid wheat. Something like doughnuts could put my gallbladder into a game of "twister"..but I eat lots of natural fat, and have never felt better! There is an adjustment period, though, and your Mom may have large stones that can NOT be safely passed (I never thought such a thing was possible, until I experimented on myself!).
      I have not had a "gall bladder attack" of intense pain and nausea since then, and that must have been 2006 or 2007.
      And, just to note, she can do strict Paleo, which is not as fat heavy!
      Good luck !!
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        Thank you. I also thought I might make her do her check sooner so we at least know what is going on.

        For whatever it is worth, I also had my gallbladder removed, and the usual foods that make people sick (garlic, fat - but moderate back then) did not do anything to me. Instead, bell peppers were the bane of my life.