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Low energy, am I missing something?

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  • Low energy, am I missing something?


    I've been going solidly primal since the beginning of this year. The results have been pretty good (I lost 8 kgs - to 69kgs from 77) and I've found changes like better skin, stronger muscles and better muscular control. The first couple months I was peppered with compliments ("Are you losing weight?", etc.).

    It was going well, but I found that I was fighting low energy and a tendency to distraction. At first, I thought it was the adjustment period, the time that the body needs to adjust to the new energy source. But it just continued. Recently, I had to go to New York to attend a conference and I enjoyed more than a week of pizza, hot-dogs and other carb-laden delights. When I got back to Taipei, I jumped right back into the primal way of eating and found I was having the same low energy feeling and distractedness. So, there must be something wrong in my diet. Here's a sample of my daily routine:


    4 boiled eggs

    Fruit salad



    "Big ass salad"

    3 chicken drumsticks



    Cauliflower rice

    Does anybody see something wrong with this? Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Mike,

    I notice that if I don't get enough fat, I can get tired. The only significant source of fat that I see in your list is the eggs and the steak.

    Maybe try to add more fat in the form of coconut cream or bacon or lard or anything else you can think of. (There are probably lots of options, especially in Taipei!)

    I expect others have more suggestions.

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      What type of workout schedule are you doing?

      I eat a lot more than that... are you finding yourself hungry?


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        I eat at least that much, and I'm only 5'3" and 118 lbs! (female, age 31)

        HIIT workouts can help with energy levels.

        Also, what about factors other than diet? Are you getting enough sleep? Taking time out from stressors?

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          I think it might be some sort of vitamin deficiency, and the reason I'm saying that is because I experience similar symptoms.

          I've been primal since July of this year and although I absolutely love it, I feel like I've been having less energy than before this life style.

          These days I want to be in bad by 8 and I don't really feel like working out or even cooking at night I keep procrastinating to go get tasted for possible vitamin deficiency due to tight money budget, but that's one of the very few things I can think of.

          I get A LOT of fat in my diet, so that can't be it.


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            Oh Oh I know the answer!


            It Depends Haha!

            Need more info.

            Height, age, goals, LBM, what type of workout?

            Although quickly it looks like you could use some bacon!

            Don't be a paleotard...






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              It depends is not an's a condition


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                Wow, thank for the replies!

                (Aside to Mark, it'd be great to receive email notifications for people who start a topic)

                Requested info:


                1 lifting session per week (squats, deadlifts, bench press)

                1 Flag football practice/game per week

                1 Basketball game per week (2 hours)

                Age: 32

                Height: 175cm (5'9")

                @barbey_girl The volume of food I'm eating is quite a lot, though the breakfast might be a bit simple. You must have crazy metabolism!

                @chima_p To be honest, I don't really have any specific goals except to feel great and be in excellent physical health.

                @chocolatechip6 I also started taking vitamin supplements a couple months ago. I actually felt a marked improvement, but still the same lack of energy.

                @groquette I figured a deficiency of fats would be part of it since fats are the energy source that replaces carbohydrates right?

                Thanks for your suggestions and comments!



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                  Maybe try a cleanse or a fast...or IF.

                  -it could be that you aren't absorbing nutrients which is causing you to be sluggish. could be leaky gut syndrome too. i would get a check up at the doctor and do blood tests and what ever tests they may do (thyroid, leaky gut, etc)

                  -up the amount of greens in your diet. Maybe add a salad to your dinner loaded with herbs, greens and awesome veggies.

                  You could even do something like lettuce wraps, or a steak salad, or stuffed peppers.


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                    I would say the diet looks pretty good but try adding more fat.

                    - Throw in some avocado at dinner along with a big ass salad with loads of veggies.

                    - Add Nuts to Breakfast (in place of 1 egg)

                    - Add enough Olive oil, Nuts and Seeds to your big ass salad.

                    - Drink some green tea in the afternoon and have an Americano with some half and half for with breakfast.

                    Give the diet some time, the week you had bingeing in NYC probably did you no favors and your body is adjusting back.

                    All the best!


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                      You might want to try to have the fruit at dinner.

                      I'm hypoglycemic and I can't tolerate carb dense foods like fruits in the morning, they make my crash and keep me sluggish the whole day. I tolerate carb dense foods only later when my body becomes more glucose tolerant.

                      It's just an idea


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                        Are you taking any probiotics? I agree w/ Better Each Day that it *could* be an absorption issue. Eating probiotic rich foods (like kimchi, kefir, lactofermented pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt which you mentioned, etc.) w/ each meal can also help w/ absorption issues...

                        Good luck figuring it all out!


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                          I agree with BarbieGirl - I eat that much at 5'3" 123#. Try using Fitday to track calories. Can't tell for certain by your food list but seems too low in calories.


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                            I'd add about 3 more drumsticks to lunch... some almonds and a piece of fruit for a snack.

                            How big is your dinner portion of meat, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, etc?

                            I'd also add in another power lifting session.