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My very proud moment...

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  • My very proud moment...

    Last night at the dinner table, my husband and I were discussing food. I had talked to a relative that day, who knows I have cut out grains and she was going on and on about knowing that gluten (just the gluten apparently, she eats gluten free bread because "it's healthy") is bad, but there are other healthy grains (like quinoa and oats) that your body NEEDS TO SURVIVE

    Anyway, I said something at the dinner table about not needing grains in your diet, and my 6.5 year old pipes in with "ya, you need fat"

    I could've cried! I was so proud that I offered him more butter

    It is nice to know that he listens to us occasionally.

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    It's funny the little things that kids catch on to. A friend of mine was saying a couple weeks ago that she's always after her kids to wash their hands. She went in one night to tuck her son in and he was dreaming and said, in his sleep, "Don't forget to wash your hands."
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      My 6.5 year has been doing this too. He keeps reminding me to stop by the fruit and veggie section of the store cause we need our veggies to be big and stong!


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        That is funny. My 5 yr old tells me everytime we are at the store to not forget the buffalo and fat. He says to me" mom, does this have fat?" If I say yes he will ask if we need it and puts it into the cart. If I say no he puts it back. LOL Kids are so receptive.


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          Nice one from the junior!
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            That's great!
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