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Grass fed beef makes you feel more full?

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  • Grass fed beef makes you feel more full?

    So finally after prodding my wife, and popping fish oil pills like crack every time I had a grain-fed piece of beef, I've started buying grass fed 85-15 ground beef for our taco-less tacos.

    Noticed something-- we both feel very full a lot sooner. With the "cheaper" grain-fed stuff, it tasted fine, but I'd be shoveling it in. This time, we both feel the "fat" more (my wife thought they were greasier but they actually weren't), and we're eating a bit less of it.

    Is this an attribute of proper grass-fed beef?

    BTW, without finding a farmer, the only stuff I could even find in Charlotte was the $5.99/ lb 85/20 ground beef at Trader Joe's. It's good.. but I want to do better...

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    You know, I haven't noticed a difference in fullness with grain-fed v. grass-fed beef, but I wanted to mention that my husband and I buy the same grass-fed beef from Trader Joes. I have been looking into US Wellness meats as an alternative (U.S. Wellness Meats — Our Animals Eat Right So You Can Too.). Just thought I would pass it along!
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      On Independence Blvd East (before Village Lake Dr) there is Hillbilly Produce Market, they sell grass-fed beef (steak, roasts, ribs, ground beef etc). They also have pasteurized chicken, eggs, pork. The same vendors who sell this stuff are also at the Matthews Farmer's Market on Saturday.

      Hillbilly Produce Market :: Buy Local Produce, Fresh Produce, Organic Foods, Farmers Market, Charlotte, North Carolina


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        I've talked to several farmers who raise grass-fed beef, and two things may account for this.

        First, a lot of grass-fed beef (not ground, but steaks and roasts) is dry-aged: the butchers will allow it to hang for 2-3 weeks to allow flavor development, during which time moisture is lost. So a 1-pound steak that's dry-aged may be more protein- and nutrient-rich than a similar grain-beef steak.

        Second, one farmer told me that some grocery stores "enhance" their beef (and this could include ground) by injecting water or solutions to make it more juicy (and to sell you water at beef prices). Surely not ethical, but no doubt in my mind it could happen. Again, concentration of meatiness to your meat.

        Also, check Eat Wild to see if there's a farm nearby you can buy direct from.

        After work, I'm going to pick up a quarter beef for $2.50 a pound hanging weight, which should come to $4.75 (+/-) for all my steaks, roasts, and ground, averaged. Not too bad.


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          You may be onto something there - I get mine from Wegman's (east coast) and am extremely happy to have a flavorful smaller piece of tenderloin or whatever than a larger piece which doesn't taste of much. My ground is $5.99 and while very lean, still tastes great.


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            I love Wegmans!


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              I don't know about "fullness" but the taste test was very conclusive for me.

              Monday night we did a side by side Whole Food Grass Fed ground beef made into burgers versus Sam's Club ground beef made into burgers. I grilled them both over charcoal (I'm a big BBQ nut, so I was very meticulous about this and I made sure to cook the grass fed stuff like I had been instructed by a lot of places)

              It was strange. I didn't think there would really be that big a difference with ground beef. And I ate a grass fed burger and thought, "ok...nothing special..." But then, I followed it up with a "conventional" burger and when I ate it all I could think was "Good lord...what is this $*@#(!"
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                I actually DID notice this. Initially, I started Primal with conventional meat. When I was able to budget in better meat, I switched over to the TJ's grass fed ground beef (5.99/lb) and ribeye steaks (10.99/lb). I didn't notice that I was eating less until it dawned on me I was spending almost the exact same amount per week on groceries as when I was eating conventional. That's when I started tracking the quantity of food I eat, and it's about 1/2 of what I ate on conventional. My thoughts were that my body is better nourished now and doesn't signal me to eat more to get the same level of nutrients.
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