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    okay, first off I want to ask if any of you have fallen off the primal bandwagon and fell off hard? I was primal for about 7 weeks. My birthday came and I messed up and treated myself to something sweet, loaded with sugar and god knows what else. Anyway, it messed me up good. I paid for it believe me.

    Long story short, since then I went on a serious binge eating spree. I ate everything I could get my hands on. Hence I put on a few pounds, (a few more than the ones I was losing) now I have to lose them all over again. I need to regain control and am asking for pointers on how to do that. I ate a lot of sugar and the withdrawls are probably going to kill me. Will I go through the carb flu again? Do I need to do something similar to a leptin reset? I only ask this because I noticed that when I was eating this way I was constantly hungry, nothing satisfied me. Wondering if I threw my leptin off again with all the eating and sugar. Not sure. I just want some help here. I have my head held and starting over today for a good clean start. Just need you guys to help me get off my butt and make it stick for good. Convince me to not do it again.

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    Don't go for total austerity. Aim high, but be satisfied with 80/20 for a while. Remember the weight you EASILY lost at first. Find out what snacks your body likes to keep it satisfied if necessary. Keep your fats high, and at the proper Omega 3-6 ratio.


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      I've btdt. I started doing PB in January, and I've had a lot of bumps on the road, and thrown myself out of that wagon quite a few times...sometimes for weeks, a month at a time.

      Overall I am still down 8 lbs (5'2", 135 lb female)

      I find that the carb flu isn't as bad as it was that first time. it's just doing it, getting back on. My biggest advice for getting back on is to do the big protein breakfast. I'm not doing leptin reset thing persay, but I do find that huge breakfast, and then lunch and dinner makes it easy to control those cravings and kick the carbs again, at least for a couple days until you get back on plan, mentally and psyically.

      Always pick yourself up and dust off and get back on.


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        I went through something very similar with other diets before I went primal. I'd do good for a day or two, eat foods I shouldn't and use it as an excuse to keep eating crap processed foods. Therein lies the problem.. you can't let one slip be an excuse to just ditch eating primal.

        I went primal in May of 2010 and did pretty good for a while. I wasn't strict all the time, but whenever I ate off plan I made sure it was only one meal. I did it with eyes wide open.. when I ate off plan, I knew it was going to set me back a few days, but I didn't guilt myself or let it be some excuse. It was just part of the process. It took me about 5 months to lose 22 pounds, so the progress was slow but sure.

        Once I got into the hang of it, I was able to really button down. I did several 30-day challenges of no cheats, no excuses, no "its just one time", etc and averaged losing 15 pounds in 30 days each time. I found that I didn't need to eat off plan as much and felt terrible when I did. I started averaging 2 pounds loss a week and kept it up until I had lost 80 pounds total by May 2011.

        My advice would be to not let occasional slips be an excuse. Just get back on board right away. Eat a lot more primal foods at first if you feel hungry or are tempted to keep eating off of plan. If you are hungry all the time, try adjusting the diet to include more protein and healthy fats.

        Good luck and hope you are able stick with it! In the end it's totally up to you.
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          I've been on/off primal for almost a year. When I'm strict, it works great. When I'm sporadic (even 5 of 7 days a week) it works much less noticeably.

          I've recently restarted and am being pretty hard core. Here's how it went for me: everyone asked me how primal is different than Atkins. After telling people what I thought the difference were, I actually read the new Atkins book. It occured to me that you can "do" Atkins in a Paleo manner. So I've started Paleo/Atkins and am monitoring my net carbs (ala Atkins) and hitting the metrics that they set forth, but I'm doing it in a way where I'm only using paleo/primal foods. It's working great and for some reason I'm excited about it.


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            I fall off the wagon all the time. I go from being a complete obsessive to binging on regular chocolate and gluten-free cookies and *gasp* eating oatmeal. But then I see sense, realize I do want those six-pack abs, flag down the wagon and clamber back on again.

            Just keep going forward.

            Just take a moderate-carb approach for now - include sweet potato and a piece or two of of fruit, some dark chocolate. Just stay off wheat and anything processed. (esp. bars and cakes with sugar/hfcs).
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              Hi primetime: The exact same thing happened to me, Thanksgiving 2009. I came down with a thud and it was months before I could get my feet underneath me again. (But once I finally did, I've been doing great and have been solid.)

              Having been there, I do NOT recommend anything fancy -- no leptin reset, no Whole30, none of that. Just take it one day at a time and keep it loose, without a bunch of strict rules. People are different and take different approaches, but how I did it was to eat one Primal meal a day, no matter what. At first, I focused on just dinners (and was still eating McDonald's for breakfast -- fast food being my big demon). Then I added in lunches, so I was eating Primally for lunch and dinner. Last to be switched over was breakfast. You could do it the other way around (breakfast first), but the way I did it worked best for my life.

              Also come to this site every single day. It will help you.

              There is a way out of this, and you can definitely get back on track!

              Sending you my best.
              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates