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Curious -Weight Loss or Waiting to Lose ?

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  • Curious -Weight Loss or Waiting to Lose ?

    I often read the posts on the dramatic changes in weight loss / fat % after people make the transition to primal/paleo ... and I do admit to a bit of frustration here with my lack of ...
    I'm not a scale watcher, but last week I did drag the scale out of the dungeon end of the closet and there has been no change at this point. I have seen some small changes in the clothing, in particular in my thighs, where the fabric of the capri's I wear to workout in are making lots of little folds ... so obviously there is some fat/inch loss occurring. I will do a proper measurement this weekend to see what the results are there.

    Workouts are good, gym three days a week, good blend of free weights, kettlebells, ropes, bars, heavier weights, off gym days are active, and include body weight movements. No cross-fit gyms close enough to me, so I am trying to implement more movement into what I am currently doing. I'm pretty strong, no barbie weights here !

    A year and a half ago I eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar and 95% of processed foods (that 5% was made up of canned green beans, hearts of palm and every 6-8 weeks a little brown rice)
    I grew up on wild game and some grains, so living primal was not a huge change for me.
    I watch what I am eating ... include plenty of fat (cook only with coconut, bacon fat or lard) and the occasional indulgence of the 2 spoonfuls of coconut butter - and as of a month ago, cut the fruit back to once a week (apple or blueberries) and limit the walnuts and macs to once a week or less. Carbs are under 50 a day, no yams/sweet potatoes (one of many allergen foods).
    Currently I am 99% primal - my indulgence is my one cup of plain black coffee 3 days a week after I workout. No artificial sweeteners either, minimal use of stevia.

    I am on thyroid and hormonal meds (bioidentical and compounded) and I will retest both of those the first week of September. I am also taking Chlorella to help in metal removal and will be doing another round of oral chelation (mercury poisoning from dental amalgams) starting next week. I am aware that the mercury can affect the weight loss.

    After reading a lot of the results that others have had, I realized that a lot of people had made pretty big adjustments in the way of food when they went primal ... and I wondered how much of an effect that also has with the faster fat loss. Truth be known, I was surprised that I had no change when I first eliminated the gluten,dairy, sugar and processed crap ...

    Yesterdays meals are pretty typical of what I eat ...
    B - bacon, 3 boiled eggs, large handful of fresh arugula, black coffee
    L - pan grilled (in coconut oil) portabello shroom, topped with sliced chicken breast, avocado, arugula and spinach, onions and olives
    D - ground buffalo, stir fry with Dino kale, shrooms, onions, celery, 3 baby carrots, handful fresh okra ... also ate a handful of okra raw, sliced radishes on the side

    Today ...
    B - leftover buff/veg stir fry with 2 boiled eggs
    L- chicken breast, grilled onions, arugula, on a coconut 'pancake' (coconut 'flour' and eggs)
    D - will be something nice and meaty, red cabbage slaw

    I am curious though if anyone else has not gone through a big transition into primal and experienced slow fat loss or no fat loss .... I need to tweak something here although I am not absolutely certain what all it may be.
    I'm not real into the scale numbers, but occasionally I want to see that there is more progress other than strength.
    Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.

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    I am curious though if anyone else has not gone through a big transition into primal and experienced slow fat loss or no fat loss.
    This is my story.
    2 months into Primal I have went from 22% body fat down to 17% body fat.
    However in those two months I have done more damage to my body than while I was on the SAD. By eating more nuts then any human should consume 60 pounds in 60 days.
    Now today I am at 19% bodyfat and weigh 152 pounds.
    Inflammation? Yea it sucks!!
    So as of today I have decided to do the leptin reset.
    Hopefully come October 31st I will be down to 15% body fat I don't really care about the weight as long as it stays under 180 which is the max for my height in the military.
    I really do hope that the leptin reset is what my body is needing...


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      You don't give any info about your age, current weight/body comp and goals. It's hard to advise or reassure when we have so little info.

      I didn't see rapid or dramatic weight loss from switching to primal either, but I am very happy with this WOL just the same.

      I have been on armour thyroid for years, as well as a couple different antidepressants.

      Before discovering Primal Blueprint, I used two rounds of HCG injections to lose about 35 pounds in the fall 2009/spring 2010, and then after my final round of phase 3 (stabilizing) I moved to Primal for maintenance and healing, and hoping to lose the last 20 pounds more gently.

      Over the last 14 months I've experimented somewhat with various primal tweaks, including IF and VLCarb (<50g)., but I haven't done anything real hard core for any length of time, because I'm busy enough with my real life (and managing family life for six people) to obsess over the intricacies of serious deprivation like Whole 30, Leptin Reset or what not. I discovered that IFing on VLCarb was NOT a good thing for me -- I began to wear down and there was no weight loss despite very strict adherence on my part. I also discovered that 1-2x LHT and 1 Sprint workout in a week was plenty of exercise on top of my moderately active homemaker/hobby farmer lifestyle. I spent some time healing my adrenals with various supplements, and once that system was back online, my thyroid seemed to kick into gear. I felt more energetic, regrew some scalp hair at my widow's peak I had forgotten I'd lost, and gradually lost ten pounds without doing anything extra beyond 90% avoidance of grains and sugar.

      At this point in my journey, I feel like my metabolism is greatly improved to the point that I can loosen up and add in more carbs regularly than I did at first (it's red potato season - YUM), as well as have the occasional social "freebie meals" without retaining much water or gaining weight. When I have a day or two of indulgence in wheat and/or sugar, I might go up a pound or two, but I find that the next day or two after returning to Primal my appetite drops off to almost nothing, and my weight returns to baseline. My weight is solidly in the 158-160 range without any rules other than a daily avoidance of grains and sugar. It's a nice place to be.

      This spring I weaned myself off of one of my antidepressants, and am considering consulting with my doc on getting off the other. I also want to get my thyroid levels tested and try weaning off the Armour as well. After that is accomplished and I'm mood and metabolism stable, I may take another stab at working to lose the last 15 or so pounds.

      SAD causes damage to the metabolism that takes time to heal. I am absolutely convinced that getting off grains and sugar has allowed my metabolism to heal, and I don't think that process is complete yet. This is a LIFE change, and it doesn't really matter how long it takes to lose the last bit, or if it ever happens, because I FEEL so much better.

      Short answer, be patient with the process. Perhaps you need to look into your adrenal health and do some supplementing there. Try loosening up your carb allowance and see how your body reacts. Change up your exercise and see what affect that has. This way of life needs to be individually tailored and you can only do that by taking the time to experiment on yourself to find what works best.
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      42 yo female; 5'8"
      Oct 2009: 205 lbs
      Dec 2010: 167 lbs
      Current weight: 158 lbs (first time under 160 in 17 years!!!)
      Goal weight: 145 lbs


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        I would add that if you are looking at losing, having a sense of how many calories you are eating in a day is a useful tool. It is not the be all and end all, but most of us need a caloric deficit to lose. Primal can be delicious and it can be easy to overeat if you tend to be someone who is "blessed" with a good appetite.

        My family is blessed with a good appetite. My grandma, well into her 90s, can go through 2 full plates and a dessert plate at a good buffet!

        A joyful heart is good medicine

        He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliot

        Mmmmm. Real food is good.

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          We've seen here with the hypothyroid women that <50 carbs oftentimes doesn't work. Just off the top of my head, those of us who are hypothyroid and have lost 40+ pounds are eating >50. There might be a rare exception, but it's just that .... an exception.

          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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            We've seen here with the hypothyroid women that <50 carbs oftentimes doesn't work. Just off the top of my head, those of us who are hypothyroid and have lost 40+ pounds are eating >50. There might be a rare exception, but it's just that .... an exception.

            TigerLily- I'm hypothyroid and I have not seen this on the Forum. Where can I go to find out more about this? I'd like to lose 30-40 more lbs.


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              Well, I lost initially- then gained when I kinda fell off the wagon- now I'm waiting to start losing again. I think part of my waiting to lose is that I'm not coming from regular spaghetti dinners this time. I mean, I wasn't on target before, but the change in what I'm eating isn't nearly as dramatic this time.
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