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    In an effort to have more 'available' protein and other good snacks. I have taken to my supermarket and decided to up my weekly allocation of eggs. I was delighted to find 30 eggs for 2.98, an astonishing deal in my book! I'll no longer feel guilty for boiling up half of the egg carton just for myself. For less than 6.00 I can have sixty damn eggs.

    As i'm trying to up my overall calories (weight training 3x week), are they any downsides to perhaps worry about when upping egg levels. I have 3-4 scrambled eggs every morning.

    I'm running low on Whey protein, not that a whole egg is the same as the quick release protein whey is, but I don't mind subbing real food, over commercialised (although very useful) protein powders. Eat em if you got em i say! I'd have no trouble chowing down on boiled eggs!
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    We are the same way. I typically boil up 2 doz each weekend and then we grab them whenever we want them. The kids eat them at meals and for snacks, they are great for on the go and my husband eats his 2-3 each morning on the train to work and I eat them in the am for bfast too. They are great sliced on salad too. Makes everything easy. Even the organic eggs I buy are an inexpensive protein source overall.


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      if eggs are your primary source of protein, then I'm assuming it should be ok. I'm sure you know already know about varying your protein sources throughout the day/week, but if your eggs are the main avenue for you to reach your optimum protein levels, and unless you are consuming massive amounts of eggs, I don't see why that should be a problem.


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        I buy my eggs in bulk- 10 or 12 dozen at a time. I do boil them up, and/or pickle them for longer keeping. Very handy fast meals.


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          More of supplementary protein source if anything. I have bacon daily (with scrambled egg), a meaty salad too, and a very meaty dinner, as vague as that sounds, it's pretty much true. Meat is often pork,steak, fish, eggs, some offal if I have it, quite varied I'd say.

          It's times when it's after dinner and i'm hungry, I'll look in the fridge and there's nothing there. If there's 4 boiled eggs ripe for the picking, hoo boy!


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            I believe thats asda eggs for 2.98. If so i think your find they are grain fed and not the best size or quality. for a couple of pounds more you can get 30 large free range. just a thought i know money is tight right now