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I'm switching to a vegetarian diet

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  • I'm switching to a vegetarian diet

    For 5 weeks. Because I have to. (Ha, got you)

    I guess I don't really have to, but I'm going to be living and working in one of those self sufficient communes. They grow a lot of their own food so I'll have a good supply of organic veg. All the communal meals though, are vegetarian, so I may have little other choice than to embrace vegetarianism for several weeks. It could be several months, and I'll likely be moving on to similar (vegetarian) communities afterwards.

    The reasons I'm going are sort of political, and diet is secondary to that, right now. It's a shame though. I love primal. It fixes my blood sugar.

    Hopefully I'll be able to cook up some meat now and then. Anyone else gone from primal to veggie for an length of time. How did you find it?

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    I would take lots of coconut oil with me if I were you. Maybe you can "donate" some to the kitchen? Taken lots of jerky and meat type things that you don't need to refrigerate? Dry sausage, etc . . . ? And no, sorry, I haven't tried being veggie for about 20 years.
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      Just treat it like primal but with a temporary shortage of prey! Lots of butter on the veg. Eggs? Cheese? Nuts.

      Variety, uncertainty, randomness. Spice of life.

      Steer clear of wheat in all its disguises and watch the unfermented soy products!

      Will you have cream in coffee? Make it heavy and large!

      Whats the veggie version of oolichan grease?
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        You poor thing. Are they going to throw tofu or TVP (texturized vegetable protein) in everything?
        Do they allow eggs? Eat lots of those.

        I'd sneak out out for a burger whenever possible.


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          Some of the communites do eat eggs and dairy. They're not vegan thank god. If they were that would trump the political reasons to go. One of them makes their own yoghurt and cheese from fresh raw milk, but that's one of the better ones diet wise. Would like to go there.

          Others cater for gluten free so I can avoid grains and probably have the bulk of calories coming from rice and potatoes. That wouldn't be too bad, but with the carb spikes I suspect I'd get very hungry before meal time. Something I've not had to worry about for some time.

          I'm thinking lots of butter and coconut products will be good for me and relatively cheap. I may have to buy them myself but I'll find out when I'm there. I think they'll have different rules from one another. At some point I'm sure I'll come across a bit rude when I ask, instead of two eggs, if I can have seven, and omit the rice

          Thanks for the tips.



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            I'd be taking a case of canned tuna and a case of canned salmon with me at the very least! Oh, and a case of coconut milk. Love that stuff!
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              Good luck with that! Vegetarian is do-able if they know how to cook real vegetarian foods (no textured soy protein, for instance, and using real recipes), and no phobia about eggs and butter...

              I'm camping vegetarian this weekend. There are veggie and omni food plans for our camping expedition, but I opted veggie because the guy who is cooking that has restaurant experience and so I know I can avoid grains and textured soy protein and still get filled. The omnivore track will almost certainly involve burgers (made from meat from how many CAFO cattle?) and I don't go there any more, or it will involve chicken breasts, which I just simply never find moist or tasty enough to want to consume.

              So... I'm happily going to be a vegetarian this weekend! As low carb and primal as possible. (And we get eggs... And I luv my veggies!)


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                ew it's really miserable. i had to do it for a week or so and felt totally awful.

                if i were you, i'd justify cooking some meat here or there by talking about the importance of boycotting grains! (monsanto, etc.) compared to good local sustainable meat- the grain industry is a MONSTER!

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                  Hunt small game, squirrels and shit. Good luck to you!
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                    To quote the all knowing Homer Simpson: "Leaves of three, let them be. Leaves of four, eat some more!"

                    Or you can go Bear Grylls style and eat some bugs and worms. I bet you won't be invited back to that camp.
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                      Randallfloydd, thanks for the tips about kefir. Mine is now doing really well.

                      Shame I couldn't have met you while you were still healthy! A few weeks of vegging out and the hills of Buxton will surely be too much!