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Is it bad that I virtually eat the same thing every day?

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  • Is it bad that I virtually eat the same thing every day?

    Hey guys,

    So I've been primal for a few months and love the new lifestyle and its effects on my health, body composition & general well-being.

    Also, I love the food I can eat on the PB. My only downside is that I am not too sophisticated of a cook and find myself usually eating the same exact things every day without fail.

    For example, the below will cover 80%+ of my days:

    Breakfast - 6 eggs/bacon/broccoli/almond butter

    Lunch - cut of meat/broccoli

    Snack - walnuts/almonds or almond butter

    Dinner - cut of meat/spinach

    Late night snack - fried egg/almond butter

    I'm literally eating a handful of foods and that's it.

    In terms of meat, I switch it up with different cuts and do Salmon at least once a week.

    I can't help but think that my body needs variation.

    Am I correct?

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    No. You don't need variation. I eat basically the same things every day. It's better to stick less variety of healthy foods than to go out of bounds with too much variation that includes "treats".

    The only thing I want to point out is that you eat a lot of nuts and the 06 can really add up. Try eating them every other day or a few times a week.

    The main 06 in almonds is linoleic acid which is what veggie oils are made of (veggie oils contribute to the diseases of civilization).


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      If you find yourself getting bored, make food an adventure. You don't have to get all fancy or anything. Just find one fruit or veggie you've never tried before, and learn about it (and how to eat it.)

      You really don't have to have a ton of variety. It just makes eating a bit more fun. Personally, I love variety. It makes eating an adventure.


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        Whats you body telling you, S72?

        Do you crave other foods?

        Are you feeling low energy?

        I'd say if you started to crave other foods, incorporate other taste into you daily menu so your palate is stimulated by the new sensation!! Do this every once and a while and you will no longer feel deprived!

        If it's not broke, don't fix it!


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          i admire you for being able to stand that everyday! i vary my diet every week just because the variety keeps me from overdosing on one type of food. i have staples for sure (eggs, EVOO, some type of nut i buy in the bulk section*, frozen blueberries, tinned albacore, greek yogurt-not primal i know). every week i try to get a different cut of meat or protein source altogether, 2 different veggies and a different lower carb fruit. when i feel the urge i get 1 bar of lindts 85% dark chocolate to savor through the week. example of my shopping trip new stuff this past week:

          -persimmon (never had it, turned out delicious! i have been eating 1/2 of a whole one each day)

          -turnips and kale, i'm loving the turnips!

          -pork tenderloin

          *i only scoop out a moderate amount of nuts weekly so i force myself to "ration" them day to day so i don't find myself reaching out for handfuls of nuts every day. when they are gone, they are gone!

          don't be afraid to try new things! i'm a big advocate of seasonal purchases as well as buying a ton of fresh produce (also keeps me buying new "stock" each week, it goes bad obviously if i don't eat it!)


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            I would mix up the meat fruit and veggies.

            For example, I have a bad of frozen mixed pepper strips and added those and some tomatoes to my eggs this morning. Tomorrow i may add sausage and mushrooms...


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              Thanks for the responses. I feel fine, I actually enjoy what I eat a lot, but then run into people's blogs/recipes/etc and feel like I am missing out.

              For me it's more about keeping things simple and easier to have the set schedule for the week.

              The recipes on here are great, so maybe I'll try those


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                Simple is better... but mixing up the meat types, fruits and veggies is simple


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                  I like Diana Renata's suggestion of periodically introducing one new thing at a time. I also had kale for the first time this week like misathemeb.

                  I'm in the same boat as you, I don't feel so confident in the kitchen but I cook about 99% of my meals so I kinda have to make a go at it anyway. I find myself eating the same meals for the most part. Part of it is just trying to be frugal too. Lots of ground beef, pork chops, and egg dishes since they're the least expensive.


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                    Well, virtually eating keeps the calories way down......

                    (Couldn't resist.)


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                      I appear to never get bored of eating steak, as long as it is big, fatty and cooked to my taste. Am I the only one?

                      All the other foods are like dispensable sides, some of them I always welcome if they exist, but I generally do not necessarily miss any of them that much if they are not around.

                      Although thinking twice, I do feel like having a BAS from time to time. But the steak is still present and and is always very much enjoyed.

                      “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
                      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
                      "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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                        Serial Sinner - no, you are not alone. A big, fatty, steak cooked to your taste is fantastic and I could eat one every day!

                        S72 - I have to agree with the folks who say simple is good, but so is introducing new things slowly. I'm pretty new to PB, but I do notice myself developing standard, go-to meals.

                        Personally, I'm looking forward to buying some beef liver and cooking that for the first time.


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                          If you want to get creative with the beef liver, try this.

                          Cook the liver until done. Chop into bits and put in a food processor. Grind until it has the texture of dry ground beef. Add eggs and spices (I like cumin and cajun seasoning), mix well. Form into patties and fry. That's the only way I really like liver, honestly.


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                            Diana, I had a flash back to my childhood when I read your post. We used to raise and butcher our own cows and freeze the meat for our winter food. My mom would trick us and make cow tongue into "tuna fish." Grind it up and put mayo and sweet relish and put it on bread like a tuna sandwich. Your liver grinding made me remember that.