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Primal and Kidney Stones

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  • Primal and Kidney Stones

    Hey Guys! I'm wondering if anyone has direct experience with healing/preventing kidney stones? My 5 year old son consistently is having flank pain and urinating blood. Like red, viscous blood. By default, he's been diagnosed with kidney stones. They haven't actually found any stones, in urine samples or by ultrasound but are saying since he's so young they may be forming and evacuating with little notice (except for slight pain and the blood) He's getting tested by urologist but already the CW is coming out of my ears. Recommend foods to AVOID are any animal protein, green vegetables, spinach and bluberries, just to list a few. I'm almost 100% Primal and to have him avoid these foods seems counter intuitive at this point.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
    This isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up; a potty trainer.
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    I feel sorry for the little guy. I have been having problems with stones for several weeks. It is really ugly. But I guess not so painful for him.

    Without knowing what kind of stones they are, if it is stones, they really can't accurately tell you what to avoid feeding him. It might be wise to cut back on high oxalate vegetables, although I have not personally.

    The most common stones are calcium. But getting enough calcium from food seems to help prevent stones. (On the other hand, calcium supplements seem to increase the risk of stones.)

    I have been hoping that vitamins D and K, and magnesium would help prevent calcium stones. However, I don't know what kind of stones they are. I am supposed to get a fine mesh strainer to try to catch one. But I haven't gotten around to it.

    Give him lots of fluids, of course. You already knew that. I drink water with lemon or lime.

    Good luck. I hope you can beat this soon.
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      Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I feel the same way about needing to know exactly. But of course, as a Mom, I want to do something. right. this. minute.
      This isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up; a potty trainer.
      I wanted to be a pirate. Well. You know how that goes.