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Postassium-Sensitive, What do I do?

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  • Postassium-Sensitive, What do I do?

    I like to eat healthy and my mom is trying to lose weight for what seems like the -nth time. She works so hard to provide for my family, keep the house clean and make meals for my family but seems to never take care of herself as much as she does everyone else.

    I want to help her lose weight and when I heard about this site years ago, and sort of follow a diet similar, but have modified it to what I want (and im young, i feel like i can still eat some shit and get away with it), but a healthy LIFESTYLE (cause that's what this is, not a diet) has always been a priority and my mom wants that to become one too and I want to help her!

    She is trying to eat healthy but grew up in the generation where if you were on a diet, you still went to In-N-Out, but only got the fries and milkshake--no burger. She has learned a little bit since then, like lean meats, fruits and nuts, eat vegetables that aren't overcooked and drenched in sauce, etc. But SHE HAS A CONDITION--she's taken a medication--so she CANNOT eat a lot of foods with potassium! For example, if she ate a banana she probably couldn't have the whole thing, and if she did, that would be it for her potassium (K+) intake and she'd probably have to take it light on the K+ the next day.

    So, my question is: IS THE PRIMAL DIET RICH IN POTASSIUM? Is it possible to go primal and have a low potassium intake???
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