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Theory on body using fat 100% of time to minimize hunger

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  • Theory on body using fat 100% of time to minimize hunger

    From all my reading I think there is 2 main things to naturally eating healthy:

    1. Not emotionally eating, only eating when actually hungry
    2. Making your bodies main fuel source fat

    I think that the reason paleo and fasting works is that both contribute to number 2. I will be be concentrating on number 2 (haha just realised what ive written).

    To get your body to use fat 100% of the time I think that you need to eat fat at every meal (and protein). When you've not eaten in roughly 3 hours your body is using fat as its main energy,
    so if you fast and only eat say 2 meals a day you should be fine. However to see maximum benefit and minimum hunger maybe you need to get your body to use fat as its main fuel at meal times
    and the 3 hours after as well. To do this you would have to eat enough fat in your meal to cover the body proccesses over the next 3 hours, this would also mean in theory the carbs and
    protein of said meal would go straight where they need to and not be "wasted" as energy.

    Example, say you burn 200cal an hour, your meal would have to have roughly 600 cals worth of fat for your body to be using fat 100% as its energy source for the 3hrs after.

    This is all me theoriesing of course, just wanted to know your opinion, if Im wrong feel free to verbally assult me.

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    1. My schedule and my hunger will not always coincide so I tend to eat when I have the time.

    2. I don't think you need to be so rigid on this. Why Fat, Not Carbs, Are the Preferred Fuel for the Human Body | Mark's Daily Apple
    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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      Yeah I think your right IvyBlue I am being abit rigid its just that I'm trying to find a way of getting to low body fat and stay there for life and so far what I'm doing wouldn't be the easiest to sustain long term, if I could find any extra simple tricks to implement into will make my goal much more obtainable. Thanks for the link.