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chronic pain - anyone had success with natural remedies?

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  • chronic pain - anyone had success with natural remedies?

    I've been dealing with chronic muscle pain and headaches for years. On days where it peaks it is very debilitating as it causes blurred vision and light sensitivity and brain fog/temporary memory loss/loss of vocabulary. It is impossible to do things like work, hold a conversation, drive a car etc on such days. I've been relying on painkillers to get through those times. If I just went to bed and toughed it out on those occasions I could be in bed every day on some weeks. Also if you're struck down with severe pain in the middle of an important class or prac - going straight to bed just causes logistical problems (getting home) and stress (how am I going to pass that exam now?) so not really an option much of the time.

    The good news is since going primal and being on a prescribed supplement program (to treat various underlying conditions) I've been having more good days than I used to. I have faith that if I keep following both I'll eventually get a lot better. In the meantime I keep having to turn to painkillers to get through certain situations and I worry about the damage they are doing.

    I would prefer to use natural remedies but I need some guidance. I have tried things like ginger tea but I've never found it to make a difference. My guess is that I probably require something more potent. I'm wondering if anyone here has had success with natural remedies for chronic pain where they were able to get fairly quick and noticeable relief? The only painkillers that work for me on bad days are a pain killer / anti-inflammatory combo. Are there natural treatments which do both but act quickly? It'd be great to hear from someone who has actually treated severe pain with a natural treatment.

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    Please get yourself on 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 daily ASAP. Then get your blood tested in 3 months to adjust dosage.
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    - - - Parkinsons
    - - - Psoriasis
    An entire constellation of physical & mental disease come with Vitamin D3 deficiency. Complete details here:

    Vitamin D3 is actually a HORMONE required by our immune system to function properly.

    Also read THIS:

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      Are your headaches true migraines, or tension headaches?

      I have dealt with chronic pain and tension headaches for oh....sheesh, 15 plus years now. Being lower carb, low grain, low sugar, low fructose, low dairy, low alcohol is probably the best combo for my pain to stay non existent or in the background at least (I say low, because as much as I try I am not always 100% and I go through good phases and bad ones). I also supplement with fish oil, vit D, and a calcium/magnesium complex.

      I used to be in the painkiller boat. I lived on ibuprofen and for flare ups I would take prescription painkillers. The headaches were 'migraine' like, but in truth they were tension headaches. I could feel the progression from muscle tension/pain in my shoulders, then my neck, then my jaw, and then the headaches would start. Now I only take ibuprofen on a rare occasion where it gets out of hand and I need to take it down a notch. I also recognize the build up earlier and can usually head it off before it gets bad.

      On top of the food and supplements, yoga and acupuncture have also played a big role. Doing yoga on a daily basis REALLY helps keep the tension from building into a later headache. If I get overloaded (usually external stress caused), I go to acupuncture. If I am really bad, 3-4 treatments with one a week usually brings me totally back around.

      As much as I would like to say food alone, or supplements alone has been the key to my turnaround, I cannot. I have to balance my mental front and physical activity as well. If I don't 'move' enough, or I let things get to me emotionally, I can eat the best things in the world and I still will end up with pain building up.

      I gave up all prescription drugs about 6 or 7 years I have not had a painkiller since then. I still have ups and downs, but I am glad to say I am not to a point that those downs are no where NEAR what they were 7 years ago and I can manage them.
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