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I need to eat a skinny girl! ;)

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    Originally posted by ErikaE View Post
    I'm bi and my mind is nearly always in the gutter. I wouldn't mind eating a skinny girl in that sense either, but first I have to get skinny enough myself that she'll look twice at me!
    Best thread ever...
    "All of God's creatures have a natural habitat... my dinner plate." -Me


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      Most especially for women, don't even bother getting on the scale or measuring yourself or any of that for the first month. A whole lot (WHOLE LOT) of complexes biological processes are going on in that first month, with hormones rebalancing and your body shifting fuel sources. Your body is healing and recalibrating. And that doesn't show up on a scale or a tape measure or in the mirror. Going into the second month, check in and assess your progress. Your food looks good and you are moving your body, so I can assure you that you won't suddenly balloon up overnight.

      Try to enjoy the process and get more in tune with your body and the natural rhythms of life, which we have so gotten away from, to our great detriment. More sun, more grass beneath the feet, more taking note of the moon, more waking without an alarm clock, less number crunching.
      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates