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Neon green egg white?

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  • Neon green egg white?

    So, in my morning scramble, one of the eggs had a neon greenish egg white. Seriously, NEON GREEN. I was afraid to eat it, so ended up tossing it all. After googling, the possibilities include "it contains extra vitamin B2!" or "it's spoiled and tainted with bacteria".

    I know there are some chicken experts on here... what's really going on? Are these safe to eat?

    *These were Organic Valley brown organic eggs, carton expiration is this week. The other eggs from this carton have been normal. Just the one fluorescent one.
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.

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    I've never heard of a neon green egg white and would have thrown it out too. But one carton of eggs can hold eggs from 12 different chickens - no way to tell if there is a problem with the whole unless the others are also green.
    I'd eat them if they looked normal.
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      I had hens for years. I wouldn't have eaten that egg :\ I wouldn't worry about the others if they look and smell normal though. Sounds to me like a bacterial infection in the egg.
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        Not sure that I would have used that, either, but this site seems to indicate that it may simply indicate surplus B-12.

        But when in doubt, throw it out.

        One other thing to note is that while Organic Valley may be a better option than many of the industrially-farmed eggs, there are some things to note. Chickens on pasture are natural scavengers, leaping into the air after insects, and getting a variety of dietary inputs. Organic farms do not necessarily have this natural diet; although the feed is organic (good), it may simply be organic grains (bad). OV, like many organic egg producers that claim to offer "free-range" eggs, allows access to the outdoors. As Michael Pollan notes, birds not raised outdoors are typically kept sealed indoors for several weeks until they are resistant to disease, but by then they are habituated to staying indoors and never use outdoor access.

        Some good info from Mother Earth on the nutrition of pastured eggs, as well as here and here.

        If you can find a local farmer selling pastured eggs, or a farmer's market selling them, by all means pursue that. Anecdotally, I have found that industrial eggs are horrible (watery whites with little substance, weak and pale yolks), but that organic and organic "free-range" eggs are only slightly better. The real breakthrough is with pastured eggs: whites that don't just slosh around, yolks that are almost orange-gold, and taste that I find noticably better.

        Anyway, it could be that the OV feed was supplementing the birds B-12, and your egg came from a bird who got a larger dose not properly mixed through the feed. Just at a guess.


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          Thanks for your thoughts! Yeah, it was creepy so I just didn't want to chance it. It looked radioactive.

          Sometimes I get eggs from the farmers market, but they don't always have them... so Organic Valley is my backup. They get milk and eggs from a lot of small farmers in Southern WI, and the cows and chickens are always visible out in the grass when I drive by. (They have signs up that they are suppliers for OV). Good point about the supplementation, as that could be the culprit. Or bacteria, who knows.
          Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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            Did you take a picture? I think it would be a good day to try green eggs and ham.


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              Originally posted by Zophie View Post
              Did you take a picture? I think it would be a good day to try green eggs and ham.
              I found two yesterday with my eggs kept in a ceramic box on the window sill. I'll crack open more today and post a photo :-)


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                That's a question for Dr. Seuss.
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