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    Hi Everyone,

    I am on day 2 of the Whole 30 Challenge. The reason I am starting this is because last time I did this I had some positive results in the body didn't change A TON but my energy was up and I felt good overall. Recently my weight has crept back up by being a little lazy with the diet..mainly adding in alcohol and protein bars. I have a prbolem where I am constantly hungry but know that if I am trying to lean out I just can't snack..even if it is paleo. I was curious if anyone else experiences this with this style of living.

    For example, I ate 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 of a green bell pepper today for breakfast at about 7:30 and I am already hungry. I am trying to listen to my body to see if I am just hungry or if it is all in my mind.

    What are ways you all can tell if your body is truly hungry, and if it is constantly hungry, what are foods that you are eating besides almonds or nuts?


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    You could try upping protein some at breakfast or if you start feeling hungry, drink some cold water. A lot of times, feelings of hunger is a way of signalling to your body that you are thirsty.


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      You've barely eaten anything let alone much in the way of fat so no wonder you are hungry. On top of that you are Crossfitting!? Just eat some more if you are hungry, eat some meat, and keep the yolks. I don't remember anything about Whole 30 eschewing egg yolks. Actually I am pretty sure Melissa would encourage the whole egg.


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        At Marnee, how much more should I be eating? Keep in mind that I am trying to lean out as well.

        I appreciate the responses!


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          I agree that eating until you are satisfied vs. eating enough to still lose weight is a tricky balancing act. I've done xfit for a while and find that on my metcon days, my intake is going to be way higher. For example, if I was using your menu above, it would be more like:

          4 whole eggs, no egg whites, 1 whole avocado, 1/2 of a green bell pepper and then some sort of meat, all cooked in bacon fat.

          For me, that was enough food just to satisfy me and keep me from losing TOO MUCH weight. My advice is to try upping the protein and fat and seeing how you feel then.
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            Originally posted by Marnee View Post
            You've barely eaten anything let alone much in the way of fat so no wonder you are hungry. On top of that you are Crossfitting!? Just eat some more if you are hungry, eat some meat, and keep the yolks. I don't remember anything about Whole 30 eschewing egg yolks. Actually I am pretty sure Melissa would encourage the whole egg.

            If anything, pitch the whites.
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              My own hunger journey

              What you should be eating depends on a lot of factors, so it's difficult to answer just off the cuff. Of course, in general, you should be eating nice protein, fat, and vegetables.

              I have been cursed with extreme hunger all my life--I could not believe how other people could get through a day without eating. "Don't you feel hungry?" I would ask them. "Not really--just a bit headachey, maybe," they'd say. I finally discovered that I feel hunger in a very different way from them: a painful gnawing in my abdomen.

              There was a major change for me after I cut out sugar and refined grains. Slowly I transitioned from eating 6 meals a day to the typical 3. While I still feel hunger, the painful gnawing has diminished, and I can understand the difference between having an empty stomach and actually needing to refuel. This took me about 2-3 months to perceive and understand.

              For breakfast this morning (at 7:30), I had a strip of bacon, two eggs, and half a broccoli, plus a cup of tea. Between 10 and 10:30, I noticed that I was feeling hungry, but I knew that it wasn't true hunger.

              If you are feeling ravenous, since you are just starting a new way of eating, I'd say go ahead and eat just a little according to the allowed foods of your plan. Get some veggies for bulk. Also, drink something--maybe just hot water with lemon, because that will fill your stomach and keep you well hydrated. I hope that once your body realizes that it's getting all the nutrients it needs, your hunger cues will balance out.


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                If you're hungry you should eat food until you're not hungry anymore. Repeat forever.


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                  I have days where I feel hungry all day and no amount of vegetable matter will satisfy. I'm not sure if it's a carb addiction, or perhaps some people need a little of that carb "bulk." I definitely feel more full with a little carb.
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                    You should provide a little more info for starters- age, weight, height, and a brief past history of your weight. This will help us figure things out a bit better.

                    Next, ditch the scale. It's not a good indicator of your health.

                    Don't eat the egg whites without the yolk. There's nothing useful in the whites but a tiny bit of protein. All the fat and nutrients are in the yolks. Eat them.

                    Don't be afraid to eat more if you feel hungry.


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                      Thank you everyone for the replies!!

                      Bit of background:
                      5'5 female, 138

                      I definitely look better now at 138 then I did in the winter at 138. I started crossfitting 2 years ago and lost 30lbs at the peak of my weight lost. Past few months the weight creeped back on and I am 6lbs heavier. I do understand that muscle weighs more than fat but I still want to get lean. Dabbled in Paleo/Primal/Zone and have pretty much been MOSTLY paleo since I started crossfit. The last few pounds are for sure vanity as vain as that sounds but I am a girl and I want to look good. I crossfit 4-5 times a week.

                      Thanks again for all the responses!


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                        Wait... by WHAT TIME were you hungry? The timestamp on the post looks like you ate at 7:30 and then "already" felt hungry after 1:00 pm. With the amount you ate then you probably *should* be hungry again.
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                          No, it was 10 AM...PST.


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                            If I ate your breakfast, I'd probably be looking for a table leg to gnaw on by about 11:00

                            And you might want to watch out that your 4-5x a week crossfit doesn't turn into chronic cardio.
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                              Thanks -- I kinda figured that was a time zone issue (I'm Eastern Time) With your breakfast I'd be hungry around 10 as well. In fact, I usually have a whole milk mocha at 10:00.

                              One thing I notice is that you say you're "mostly paleo". I've noticed that it takes VERY LITTLE in the way of grains to be a major stumbling block: more appetite and little or no weight loss. If you want to knock off a few more pounds, I'd start be going 100% grain-free. I also suggest making sure avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup like it was poison (well, basically it IS...) if you don't already. You get more than enough exercise, so I'd just keep getting stricter on a Primal diet until you see the results you desire.
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