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Recommendations for Weight Gain?

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  • Recommendations for Weight Gain?

    Hi folks,

    My main goal at this point is to a) achieve my maximum fitness potential, and b) achieve a healthier body weight in the process.

    I've read a lot about what to eat/what not to, but I get the feeling this is all geared towards weight loss, not necessarily weight gain.

    Any suggestions?


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    No, this type of eating isn't necessarily good for weight gain. In fact, I've lost too much weight and have gotten an ED which I'm recovering from, and now I'm on the road to gain weight as well, in as healthy a manner as possible. By eating lower carb and more on protein and fat lots of people are eating very little and not feeling hungry, which I still have. I used to eat only 2 times a day, now I've incorporated a 3rd meal just to get in more calories. I'm not hungry in this 3rd meal, and I'm not in the mood to eat or chew food, so I just usually drink a lot of milk just to get in more calories.

    Things people have suggested or that I've come across are coconut oil (even eating it by the spoonful), coconut milk, avocados and fatty meat or fish. These are the kind of healthy food that is very caloric dense and yet doesn't fill you much, at least tablespoons of olive oil and coconut oil can be taken in without filling you much. Avocados are also high in calorie and a very squishy and soft food that doesn't fill your gut much.

    Grilled/cooked/fired pork belly (it's like very thick bacon and not smoked/dried) also doesn't fill you much but it's full of fat and protein, and calories. Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and some species of mackerel also are reasonably high in calories while giving you great fatty acids and healthy fats.

    Optionally, you can eat some nuts like macadamias/brazilian nuts (or any other nuts), as well as their butters, like cashew butter, almond butter, etc. I wouldn't push it too fat with nuts or nut butters because they're not as healthy in large quantities as the above.

    Diary is another option. Go drink a gallon of milk a day and tell me how that goes in terms of weight =) Cheese is also calorically dense (I love it).

    Healthiest foods that can make you gain weight are coconut oil, olive oil or any other healthy oil, avocados and fatty meat and fish. Milk is also an option.
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      You can certainly obtain a healthy bodyweight while eating Primal. I do think that the lower carb recommendations and total avoidance of starch aren't necessary for those looking to gain weight.

      I also highly recommend weight training for gaining some healthy weight.


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        Thanks JPA, that's what I was looking for. Seems like my budget won't allow me to stock up on the right things/enough of them at the moment, but I'm working on it. Unfortunately, peanut butter has been a staple for me for the past few weeks...

        I have been slightly regular in going to the gym, but I have to say that honestly the Primal way attracted me because it didn't directly necessitate going to the gym (I much prefer working out outside). Are there any weight training exercises you consider essential?



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          No, I just like weight training a lot, but you can certainly do well with bodyweight exercise. From my very limited experience, I would recommend pullups, pushups, squats (regular, single leg, etc), and sprints. The books Convict Conditioning and Building the Gymnastic Body get a lot of mention here. Maybe check those out.

          Also, I saw on your other post (and now in your info) that you're in Georgia. I live in the state also. There are a few of us Georgia Groks on the forum. Now I know why you want to workout outside! Berry has a beautiful campus. Ever go hiking on the long leaf pine trail?

          Cheap food recommendations:
          Pork shoulder: Can be cooked in a crock pot and provides pounds and pounds of delicious meat
          Beef neck bones: found these at Publix for 1.79/lb tastes like short ribs, so I've been told, and makes amazing broth
          Beef heart: also found this at Publix for less than 2.00/lb. It's great seared, tastes like steak


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            I hike the Long Leaf trail pretty often, and all over the mountain really. The administration doesn't know, but I lived in the woods at Berry for a month earlier this summer...its just that beautiful

            Thanks for the recommendations, its good to know what kind of meats to look for (though I've never tried beef heart, I'm open to new things. Especially when they taste like steak). I plan on taking advantage of a local farmer's market for its just a matter of getting that pay check.



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              I want to gain weight which is why its important to keep strong in the gym.Despite loosing about a stone since going primal. My performance with weights has still increased and im lifting heavier than i did before. I started this diet to strip the body fat right down.My theory is that high carbs gains weight and might top the muscle's up slightly. but they also made me fat. I now have abs which i never knew i had. Im happy to sacrifice some muscle for that.but it isant much


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                Primal has a way of getting you to a healthy weight and composition for your activity level. If you want to be bigger, you'll have to up your activity level (lift heavy things and sprint) and provide enough building blocks for your body to repair your muscles.

                If you're trying to gain weight, then you don't need to be nearly as low-carb as those who are trying to lose weight, but you should still avoid grains.