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  • carbs and cholesterol

    hi, i read in this site that Mark said that if you for example go for a run then u should eat 100g of carbs extra in the day of the run for every hour running.
    lets say i run 3 times a week for somthing like 2 hours each time, it means i have to consume 300g carbs in this days, and thats alot of carbs, and as i understood, alot of carbs+eating foods with cholesterol such as the 3-4 eggs i eat every day or the steak i eat every day isnt a good combination.
    did i get it right? and if so, what does it mean? if i train 3 times a week i have to stop eating that way? primal maybe isnt for me if i train so much because i have to limit my cholestrole income?

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    Why would you need to limit your dietary cholesterol income (intake?) ?

    And you're prolly referring to the article where Mark recommended 60-100 extra carbs, above normal daily intake, for each hour of "intense" endurance work. Primal Compromises for Athletes | Mark's Daily Apple

    You're pushing yourself that hard 3 times a week? Whether or not you are, the whole point is to figure out how much works for you. What Mark wrote is a recommendation, a starting point, based on his experience, but you have to figure out what works best for your body from there. Maybe you only need 60g of carbs normally. Then a hard 2 hour run might only require 120g more possibly. Maybe less, maybe more. Experiment and eat what feels right to you.

    Also, you may want to look at carb calorie intake. The human body can utilize a maximum 600 calories of glucose per day, plus around another 100 carb calories per hour of intense training. The Perfect Health Diet explains explains this thoroughly here: Protein for Athletes | Perfect Health Diet


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      if i train 3 times a week, do i need to eat extra carbs on the days i run or on all days?


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        Originally posted by saarx1 View Post
        if i train 3 times a week, do i need to eat extra carbs on the days i run or on all days?
        Do you actually train or do you just jog? There is a difference.

        Only eat extra carbohydrates when you need them. If you run 10 miles one day you *might* need extra, but if you are sitting on your ass the next or at least not doing much of anything then you don't need them at all. Why do you think you need extra carbohydrates (this is not rhetorical)?
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