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  • too much fruit?

    I seem to remember reading a little information on fruit specifically but now can't seem to find the exact post to refresh my memory. From what I recall, it seems like I can enjoy vegetables rather liberally, but fruits in moderation. Well, how much is too much? Lately I might have an orange as a morning or afternoon snack, an apple likewise, either berries/cherries/tomatoes on my lunch salad, and any type of berries as an after-dinner snack. Does that seem reasonable? Is it just because fruits tend to be higher in carbs (compared to other PB acceptable foods) that we're told only in moderation?

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    It's the sugar. But I tend to eat a lot of local berries and melon over the summer...and I lose weight because I just do not eat as much, generally. If you are still very insulin resistant, then you "should" be limiting your fruit until you heal that!
    I say eat the berries (in season, local if you can).


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      It's up to your body. If you are having problems meeting your goals, then cut back. If you can tolerate it, then a few pieces a day aren't a problem. Be aware of the sugar, as it can spike your blood glucose and then your insulin.


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        Sorry, I should have provided some more detail about me. I'm still pretty young, 27, and in pretty decent shape. Almost 6'1", and at about 165 lbs. I'm not worried about losing any more weight. I never had any health issues before PB so I'm betting insulin resistance is not a concern.

        I think I was just curious about getting a better handle on what Mark means by fruit "in moderation".


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          too much fructose can cause leptin resistance. as for what "too much" means i guess thats open to interpretation but id guess an apple a day would be ok
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            Well then, eat the fruit and don't sweat it...As long as you are not popping back a banana bunch (wicked carby) every day, and don't have any underlying insulin issues you should be fine.
            It's summertime. I always say, eat what's in season where you live. We already ate all the black rasberries, the red ones are ready, and we are going blueberry picking on thursday. While I won't be baking muffins, cake or pancakes, we use them in other things, or out of hand.
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