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Processed Pork Rinds - Paste, hey what?

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  • Processed Pork Rinds - Paste, hey what?

    After discovering a fantastic looking recipe for ground-pork-rind-covered chicken, I thought I MUST give this a go.

    I chucked in some pork rinds into my food processor, but it wasn't the dry mix I was expecting. Infact it was much like nut butter! What gives?

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    did you use cracklins? all the fat on those would probably be kinda gross in a food processor.


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      What kind of rinds? The baked ones I get are dry as dust. I haven't put them in the food processor but it doesn't seem like they would turn to paste.
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        Possibly you overprocessed them? I should think you would want pork rind crumbs and not powder.
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          if you bought the poofy kind of pork skins, you could just put them in a ziploc bag & smash them with a heavy skillet; actually i think that would probably work for the cracklins too.


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            Mr porky ones (UK).