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Anyone used Maca powder before? (endocrine system benefits)

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  • Anyone used Maca powder before? (endocrine system benefits)

    Hi peeps,

    a workmate gave me some organic raw Peruvian Maca powder to try, ive got endometriosis and they thought it could assist. Ive never heard of it! Anyone out there have experience using it?

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    I use it daily. It makes me feel like a warrior-priestess .... but your mileage may vary!

    It's considered one of the superfoods. It's from Peru. Yes, it's true that it's used to modulate the endocrine system; it's a powerful adaptogen.

    I first heard about it when a doctor was being interviewed on Coast to Coast AM about hypothyroidism (Coast does a lot of shows about "alternative" nutrition). Someone asked him if there was one supplement to add into a daily smoothie, what would it be. Without hesitating, he said maca. I'd never heard of it, and being hypothyroid myself, I wrote the name down on a sticky note and had it on my desk for a long time before I began to look into it further.

    It'll give you a lot of energy and will increase your strength. For this reason, Incan warriors took it before going into battle. It will also make you horny, so watch out! I have no idea about endometriosis, though.

    It's great stuff. In my experience, it seems to do everything it purports to. I also take the raw powder, high quality.
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      I have used it and also found that I felt very good taking a scoopful daily. I started with it when going through menopause to try to even out the hormone fluctuations and have healthy hormone stuff going on. Seemed to work well! In fact, I think I will take it again, now that you reminded me of it.


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        Where do you get it from? I mean... other than "from peru." (;


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          Originally posted by astronmr20 View Post

          Where do you get it from? I mean... other than "from peru." (;
          Most any health food store.
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            warrior-priestess? SOLD- ill try it tomorrow


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              I bought a bag of Maca powder but got too scared to try it because I read that as a women you have to be careful about when you take it. It could throw off your cycle and produce bleeding and cramping. Tigerlily, have you experienced any issues like this? I'd really love to try it again. It sounds amazing.


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                Maca is awesome; for me, it gives me a boost comparable to the boost from coffee. I've been meaning to order some more in bulk!

                Raw maca is okay to take on occasion, but it's much better to cook it and/or buy gelatinized maca powder. Maca is a root, and is likely undesirable to eat in its raw state. From what I understand, native Peruvians never consume raw maca; it's always cooked into cookies, porridge, breads, etc.

                I would advise against taking it at night, too. I made the mistake of doing that once or twice and could not fall asleep until 4:00 AM.


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                  Hello guys,

                  Except from Peru, you can buy Maca powder on this website: Maca Powder
                  I have never been disappointed with their high-quality products and they sell them at the best price.