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Pinapple allergy, digestive enzymes, ox bile and betaine hcl

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  • Pinapple allergy, digestive enzymes, ox bile and betaine hcl

    Since my digestion is rather slow, I have been starting to experiment with enzymes digestive aids, besides probiotics which don't usually work for me. The goal is to relieve constipation and bloat.

    A few questions though.

    I have a pinapple allergy, where I break out in hives and fatigue when I consume raw pinapple. I've always had this. But one of the digestive enzymes is bromelain which is made from pinapple. Is there a safer way of testing to see if bromelain is the chemical that causes the break out reaction rather than potentially painful trial and error? If it was in the omega zyme enzyme it did not bother me in that version.

    Betaine HCL is interesting since with one tablet I get some gerd like throat clearing. I do feel better other than later since the heaviness from eating foods is reduced. Perhaps there are lower dosages beside 650 mg? Or maybe I don't really need it.

    Ox bile, supposedly this digest fats better. I don't know much about it though.
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    Personally, and I've used enzymes, probiotics and betaine HCL, I've found the most positive impact on my digestion from the HCL. When are you taking it? You are supposed to take it at the end of the meal (sometimes I take it in the middle). If you are feeling uncomfortable from it when taking it right after a meal, I would think you don't need it. You may also feel a little warmth/activity from it, but if it is uncomfortable/painful I'd say don't use it. (You may be able to find a lower dose--not sure--I'd look into it though--taking too much will totally cause discomfort.) You mentioned tablets, but just wanted to share that if its a capsule be sure to keep it enclosed (don't open the capsule and pour it on food) or that could def. cause gerd/heartburn issues (burning on the way down).

    Don't know much about the rest, but HTH!
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      Actually in my HCL tablet there is bromelain and papain in it. Which is a surprise. I take it after I eat. But I might need to take it like 30 minutes afterwards.
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