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Convince me not to eat this ice cream.

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  • Convince me not to eat this ice cream.

    Hi everyone. I’ve been reading Mark’s Daily Apple for a couple of years now and have lurked on the Boards but was a bit shy to post. Lately I’ve been feeling desperate for advice so I figured I’d start here.

    I was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic 3 years ago at the age of 30. I was quite thin at the time and a cardio freak so was devastated with the diagnosis. Instead of taking control, I said “Screw this. If this is what years of healthy living has gotten me, might as well live it up and indulge all I can!”

    Flash forward to January 2011. I was 40 pounds heavier than when I was first diagnosed! After some troubling symptoms I saw a neurologist who diagnosed me with mild neuropathy.

    I realized I had to stop “killing myself with food”. I promptly started a Whole30 program and lost about 12 pounds in a month and a half. I maintained the weight loss until now, but did stray from being primal with on and off sugar binges (that I’d account for with lots of exercise) until about 2 weeks ago when, again, I started eating/living Primally in earnest.

    So here’s the weird/embarrassing issue. There is a very specific flavor of Ben&Jerry’s that I absolutely lust after. The only thing that’s helped me get through the last 2 weeks of being strictly Primal is a promise to myself that I’ll allow a “cheat/treat” of that ice cream the day I get my period this month (b/c that’s when my cravings are most intense). After my cheat, I will promptly go back to being Primal. I’ve literally thought about the ice cream every day for the past two weeks (but did not cheat!).

    My husband has bluntly told me that this approach is akin to an alcoholic saying telling himself he'll have “one drink a month” or a heroin addict saying she’ll shoot up “once a month” and then go back to being sober/clean. In other words, it’s an unrealistic approach doomed to fail and undo all my progress.

    My take on this is that if I don’t allow myself to eat this specific brand/flavor of ice cream, I’ll go on an all out binge when I just can’t take it anymore.

    Of course uncontrollable sugar binges is what’s gotten me to where I am today.

    I just don’t know what to do. Should I eat this Ben&Jerry’s for just one day? Or am I screwing myself if I do? If I shouldn't cave, how I can stop these thoughts about B&J that overwhelm my mind like every day?

    I’d really appreciate some advice...

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    I agree with your husband but at the same time if you're primal all the other times, then my opinion is that it's okay....for now. But I think you need to look at what you're eating and try to figure out what it's missing or if you still have trigger foods that you are eating. PB eating shouldn't be that hard. It shouldn't be a dreaded thing where the thought of your indulgences is the only thing that's keeping you going. You should be craving PB foods and love eating it. So what exactly are you eating? Are you eating enough fats? Are you eating too much fruit?


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      Well, isn't primal really 80/20? While its great to do whole30 for some reasons, it may not be sustainable long term. Knowing that you can have SOME "off plan" foods can help you to make it more livable in the real world.

      Its not like, well I had some icecream, so I "blew it", now I'm going to eat everything in sight. Its more like, I can have a little icecream because I've made primal choices 80-90 percent of the time.


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        Ice cream is the worst thing you can binge on, next to cake. If you must binge on junk food, get some cheeseburgers or a meat lover's pizza.

        But if you crave sugar only you probably have a sugar addiction. In that case your husband is right.
        Ye shall know them by their fruits.


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          That depends. Are you going to eat the ice cream ALL DAY - or are you just going to have a few bites or 1 small bowl?
          80/20 does not mean to go out and eat 1 or even 1/2 a tub of ice cream.
          I say, if you can't control your portions - don't do it.


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            I have a lot more success when I treat myself with something that is gluten free, even if it has more sugar and other crap, but I'm also not a diabetic. A burger bun will mess up my insides for a couple of days, while a Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae just means I won't lose any weight that day.

            I'm with Lily Marie - if you know you actually can stop at a scoop or two, then I'd say go ahead. If you can't stop, then don't even start.


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              Yeah, I only did Whole30 for exactly that, 30 days, b/c I know it’s not sustainable for me personally (and my husband was also in my ear constantly reminding me that I was unnecessarily depriving myself of things I love like cheese.)

              So things I’ve been eating include:
              -Savory zucchini bread (that I made with almond flour, parmesan cheese, eggs, zucchini , salt, pepper and butter). I’d eat with cream cheese.
              -Roasted caulflower gratin (cauliflower mixed with goat cheese, monterey jack, heavy cream).
              -Portobello mushroom burgers on the grill (beef with ground mushroom)
              -Shrimp tossed with sesame oil, cilantro and lime juice
              -Boiled eggs; fried eggs
              -Roasted eggplant and zucchini
              -Duck bacon
              -Coconut butter
              -Chicken breast with red cabbage with the dressing available at my work. (probably not best option since I’m guessing it has unhealthy oils but it’s full fat and I eat only small dabs of it)
              -small handful of salted pistachio nuts as a snack every other day
              -occasional sips of diet soda or gum. I do try to minimize this as much as possible so its pretty rare.

              That’s all I can think of immediately. Anyway, it IS food that tastes good. A few times when I had a hankering for sugar I’d just eat 3 strawberries and feel better.

              But I still obsess about ice cream. I do tell myself that I will only eat a bowl and that will be the end of it. I feel like I won't really know if I can stop until I actually try and that's what's scaring me. I admit that I am scared that I might go nuts and finish off a pint and then want more b/c that has been a pattern in the past. Something must be very wrong with me. Ugh.
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                Have a tiny bowl and ask your husband to discard the rest.


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                  Well what flavor of B&J's is it? Perhaps you could find a substitute that would satisfy the craving without all the sugar?

                  Ice cream used to be my indulgence of choice, B&J's specifically. But I do allow myself dairy on my plan. I buy heavy cream produced by a small local dairy that has grass-fed cows. I seldom crave ice cream anymore because I know I can have rich, luscious, creamy cream and ultimately that's what I really wanted...healthy saturated fat to nourish my body.


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                    i think using junk food as a reward is about the stupidest thing someone on a diet could do.
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                      What flavour of ice cream is it? You could probably make a tasteful substitute that wouldn't be bad for you on occasion. Use coconut milk (or raw cream), pastured eggs, and raw honey (instead of sugar). There are easy recipes for things like healthful peanut butter cups, "raw" cookie dough, etc. If these happen to be in the variety you like, I can give you some links!

                      If you make a large batch of this and enjoy it once a month or so, it probably won't derail your efforts at all. :]


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                        It's summer here in Ontario. And it's hot. And I eat ice cream Not every day, and not big helpings, but I still eat it and it hasn't derailed me at all. YMMV.
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                          What's happening with the diabetes? That's much more important than any weight issue.

                          If you've still got it, then I would consider every bowl of ice-cream to be taking one more step towards blindness. Or losing a foot. Or organ failure, or whatever else happens to diabetics as the condition progresses.


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                            Mike - ouch! Sounds harsh but you do have a point. Sigh.

                            NewBerryCrater - to answer your question, it's Ben&Jerry's Clusterfluff. Creamy peanut butter ice cream, ribbons of peanut butter and marshmallow, with pieces of chewy toffee. All my favorite things combined into one treat. As David Kessler notes in his book, its the deadly combo of sugar, fat and salt driving my cravings here.

                            Anyway, I have tried to satisfy myself by trying to recreate my favorite things in the past. This time, I actually did throw some peanut butter, heavy cream, coco powder, a little kosher salt and stevia in the blender and froze the concoction into pops.

                            So sadly, artificial sweeteners make me quite sick, stevia included. My husband loves these though! It's pretty odd b/c he's lost a ton of weight and maintained the loss being primal with me modifying/cooking things he loves as occasional treats e.g. pizza (making the crust with cauliflower); various types of bread using almond flour; sugar free ice creams, etc.

                            Sadly the substitutions just don't do it for me. I need the real thing. But I've never missed rice, pasta, beans, bread etc. I'm just a sugar junkie and love sweets, ice cream being my favorite.


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                              Then the sugar is a monster reaching for your throat and eating ice cream is letting him get a claw into your neck.

                              a) Food as a reward is one of the most perverted things a person can endure
                              b) You have diabetes.
                              c) You have diabetes.

                              One binge could kill you. Just stop toying with the devil. He's a cheat and you'll lose if you play around.

                              There are better treats, like sprinting. Have you ever felt the exhilaration of wind through your hair and your heart just rolling like a drum as you gingerly soar across the ground the way you were designed to? THAT is a treat.
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