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Got some Grass Fed Unpasturized Milk - now what?

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  • Got some Grass Fed Unpasturized Milk - now what?

    Been craving some milk. Haven't had any in months, but I've heard if it is grass fed people tend to have less issue with occasional use. Other than drink it, I'm not sure what to do.

    Make butter? Make cream? Make cheese? It is separated with the thick stuff on top. Any suggestions?

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    I just use it like processed milk. It`s not legal here in NV unless you cowshare so I`m jealous! Some people skim the cream and use it in their coffee. Or just shake the bottle and mix it all in
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      Hadn't though about just shaking it up! Don't want that cream to go to waste!


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        drink it! mmm...
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          I can get raw goat milk every day, heh =)


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            If you are in the mood to make butter, skim the cream and make butter with it. Of course that changes the milk from whole to some sort of skim. I usually take a 1/2 gallon and skim the cream for butter and use the rest for cooking and then the other half gallons get shaken and served whole to drink. It does also make yummy cottage cheese. I never made any myself, but a friend did and it was divine.