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alcohol makes me sick- TMI warning!

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  • alcohol makes me sick- TMI warning!

    is anyone familiar with sickness after drinking even one oz of booze? not only am i riddled with ungodly headaches and general ickyness, but i get horrible leg cramping and unformed stools for a few days following. i have seen in some forums online people saying this means you lack an enzyme that processes the booze. is this bunk?
    please no one say "oh, you have lymphoma" or anything crazy like that, i don't want the fear-mongers getting the best of me.

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    oh, you have lymphoma

    drinking wine coolers messes with my stomach, whiskey etc i'm fine with
    yeah you are

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      haha thanks, bloodorchid!
      yeah, it's def not wine coolers. more like fancy gin or any alcohol for that matter!
      even if i don't mix it with anything. even if i don't add a stitch of sugar. even on a full stomach. even gluten free beers. even wine. any alcohol makes me really ill for days!


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        Alcohol intolerance -

        You may have alcohol intolerance. A dear friend of ours has the same problem and was diagnosed by his doctor with AI. His doctor said it is extremely common in people with oriental/asian heritage. Larry is chinese.


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          It happens to me too. Just one drink and I'm sick, like a hangover. So I don't drink. Problem solved.


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            I'd say probably alcohol intolerance too. You could just be really sensitive to it, but I wouldn't think it would mean automatic hangovers and bowel issues. I don't get that sick from alcohol, but since starting Primal, pretty much any drive to drink at all has disappeared. I had maybe a 1/4 of a cup of mead a few months back and I was feeling it right away. I'm super sensitive to it now. Before I had to slam back at least half a can of FourLoko to feel like that. I could start on my second can before I could be classified as drunk.

            I've just come to accept my drinking days are pretty much over. I'm okay with that.


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              oh you have lymphoma.

              Just curious, are you asian? A friend of phillipino descent is actually allergic to alcohol.
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                no, not asian. i'm irish! i should be able to have a drink!

                my legs cramp and spasm in the night when i drink like you wouldn't believe. they are ROCK HARD and i can't move them at all! so far as allergy goes, i don't really get flush when i drink, or any of those traditional reactions.. but the watery poops last for days!


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                  Get out of ketosis to enjoy alcohol

                  Since I went primal, I immediately noticed that my alcohol tolerance went way down (vodka with lemon juice and soda). I think I've solved the problem. The key is to get out of ketosis, so you aren't overburdening a liver that needs to process the alcohol, too. I do this by eating bananas, enjoying some ice cream, munching potato chips, etc. These choices may not all be primal, but I felt much better and didn't feel puky.


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                    Did I miss you saying that you used to drink before eating primal? If so, then maybe it's the ketosis thing, but if not, then I guess your chances of becoming an alcoholic are zero to none

                    Is it important to you to drink? There is such a thing as no-alcohol wine and beer, if you're just trying to be sociable~


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                      I too have a Chinese friend who can't drink - something common to their culture, lacking the digestive capability. Does Ireland know about you? They may not allow you to claim the heritage if they find out.


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