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Whey Protien Non-Dairy?

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  • Whey Protien Non-Dairy?

    I'm not a big fan of dairy but I love the convenience of protein powder for smoothies, etc. I read that whey protein isolate contains very little, if any, lactose and is primarily protein. Is that the case? Should I just stick to egg-white powder?

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    The issue is more the caesin than the lactose for most people I think, but in that case also whey should be ok.


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      Whew! Giving up grains and most dairy has been a breeze (started earlier this week), but life would be hard without my whey protein. Not to mention the fact that I still have about ten pounds of the spendy stuff.
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        You probably want to stick with the Whey protein isolates -- check the label and see what is in it, but most isolates are almost all protein, and complete protein at that. The isolates are processed to leave the protein, but even with those, there can be some carb or fat content -- again, compare the labels and talk to the people at a good store if you are allergic to milk products. Then buy a small amount and test it out.

        There is no way that protein powder was eaten by Grok, but it is a great and handy substitute for meat in a smoothie. I make mine with almond milk, whey protein isolate and sometimes an egg white or two for froth. A little vanilla, and a few berries. Yum.

        Hmm. Could use a whole egg, as long as I'm drinking it now, and not packing it for lunch and I'm not worried about salmonella. I used to love the Orange Julius with egg (they don't make those anymore.)
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          I, personally, am searching for the culprit of a nasty eczema flare up..I think the culprit may be whey protein, the kind I was using has isolate AND concentrate. Because I am a itchy, burning mess, I have eliminated it. Today is day 3. can't say there is much improvement, so I may need to look for answers elsewhere in my diet, although the whey is the only consistent new thing (I do not eat very much protein in the summer, period, which is why I reintroduced it)
          I am thinking that I am just extra sensitive to dairy protein now, (no digestive issues, unless I eat grains!) and I probably was all along..I have been plagued by severe eczema my entire life, until I went Paleo a few years ago, an it vanished. HMM... now it is back. I will give it a little bit to clear up...if anyone else has had this problem, please let me know!


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            You only need isolates if you have a problem with concentrates. If you have no issues with whey, then keep eating it. I personally have 100g of 100% whey every day except my cheat day, makes it ridiculously easy to hit your protein requirements. I'm sure cavemen didn't use whey protein, but then again cavemen weren't on linear progression lifting programs.
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