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What the hell? Green & Blacks' dark chocolate is making me tired?

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  • What the hell? Green & Blacks' dark chocolate is making me tired?

    Right, I've noticed this lately. I bought 2 bars of Green & Blacks a couple of days ago (70% (Dark) and 60% cocoa (Ginger)) and have been eating a few squares each day (about 30g worth). I've had issues with dark chocolate before where consuming too much would give some serious insomnia problems for the night, but it's been different lately; all my energy has been completely drained and I feel like I've been hit by a truck--I have no motivation to do much and am forced to wait out the fatigue until I feel normal again (usually by the next day or two). It's a very distinct feeling, and I've been feeling fine for the past few weeks and getting plenty of sleep; the only thing that has changed is me eating the G&B bars!

    Has anyone else felt like this? I'm guessing that it could be because of the mild stimulative effects from the theobromine and very small amounts of caffeine, but I'm not sure because I don't really eat or drink any stimulants apart from dark chocolate. I'm fine with the lighter varieties, so it's clearly not a sugar crash or anything, but I always prefer the darkest chocolates available anyway. Hell, maybe it's the magnesium from the cocoa taking effect on me, but shouldn't it make me feel relaxed as opposed to depleted anyway? Any thoughts?

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    Both contain soy, so maybe that's the cause? Might be an intolerance of some sort...


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      Originally posted by IndigoBanshee View Post
      Both contain soy, so maybe that's the cause? Might be an intolerance of some sort...
      It could very well be, I don't eat any other foods containing soy so it could possibly be an issue. I don't eat any other dark chocolates aside from G&B, so whether it's to do with their ingredients or dark chocolate in general, I'm not sure. I can live without both if it makes me feel better!


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        Mark has a post in the past few months to the effect that the soy lecithin in chocolate isn't a fraction of soy that you need to worry about.


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          Yes I'd be very surprised if soy was the issue. if it's dark choc and not light then I'd say it is the stimulant effect.

          I have to be careful with chocolate, I try not to eat it very often. It makes my heart race, and affects my sleep if I eat it in the afternoon or evening.

          Maybe handling the theobromine is stressing out your body. If you're getting healthier you might notice the effect more than you did in the past, plus your body may be becoming downregulated in handling theobromine/ caffeine if you're not having it so much.
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