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  • Sore Throat

    What remedies do you use? My throat feels like a cat's scratching post!

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    Gargling w/ salt dissolved in warm water.


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      oh sad! Poor thing.

      My husband swears by the gargling salt water thing... though if my throat is really sore i can't gargle really well and end up accidentally swallowing some and then gagging. haha.

      but yeah, make it salty like the ocean.

      there are different theories about why it would work... one is because it would kill any bacteria causing an infection... the other is something about the salt using osmosis to pull out extra inflammation in your throat.

      also menthol-y cough drop make me feel better... but they have sugar in them typically.

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        Posted this 2 months ago and just downed a dose--can't even feel my throat anymore.

        Atomic Cold Control (mix together and sip slowly--I DARE you to try to drink it fast):

        1 cup hot chicken broth (or vegetable broth if vegetarian)

        1 to 2 minced garlic cloves

        1 t fresh minced ginger

        1/4 t wasabi powder (my ethnic addition to what is mostly a traditional Ayurvedic formula)

        5 shakes (~1/8 t) cayenne pepper powder (this is what really knocks out the sore throat--shorts out the pain receptors)

        5 shakes (~1/8 t) turmeric powder

        1t to 1T apple cider vinegar

        Coat lips with lip balm to protect from cayenne (you will only forget this once), keep mixing the stuff with a spoon to keep it suspended, and drink it up to 4 times a day.

        It tastes like a variant of Hot and Sour Soup to me and knocks out the sore throat and cough for up to 4 hours at a time. WARNING: if something makes you laugh while you are drinking it and you accidentally aspirate some, you will probably feel like you are having a near-death experience. But it really does get rid of a sore throat and cough.


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          MightyMite, over the years I have concocted an eerily similar recipe to combat the occasional cold. The main components are always chicken stock, tons of garlic, and tons of spice. (Down here in Texas there is a plethora of hot peppers, so I generally go the jalapeņo route rather than the wasabi route.) Sometimes I also add baby bella mushrooms, spinach, and hot Italian sausage. I don't know if it's purely a placebo effect, but this soup has never failed to stop a cold. At the very least, it will alleviate the symptoms.