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    I've been tracking my intake pretty religiously on Cron-O-Meter for the past few days, just to see where my eating patterns were taking me, specifically carbs and calories. Now I've been eating a fair amount of nuts and fruit along with some sensible vices (dark chocolate, red wine), and my intake levels seem pretty on target. My 6:3 ratio even looks really good.

    A bit of advice I see thrown around on these boards when someone complains about a plateau is to cut fruit and nuts, something that I had listened to for a bit. The only thing I got from that was not enough potassium. So, I have to say that I'm skeptical about this little chestnut. Since readopting fruit and nuts, I've noticed better results, with the chief difference being a very slight uptick in carb intake (but still within the "sweet spot"), and an easier time getting adequate minerals. I've actually ADDED fruit to address a worryingly low level of potassium intake (something I wouldn't have figured out without tracking software), and almost immediately I started feeling and progressing better.

    The main reason I wanted to share this experience? Decreasing carbs and natural sugars if you're already within Primal parameters won't necessarily help you to break your plateau. I know a lot of people don't like counting calories, but I'd advise downloading something like Cron-O-Meter and using it for a few days if you're getting stuck. You might find that your current foods aren't providing adequate vitamins or minerals, which I've found, in my own experience, are crucial things to address for continued progress.
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    I think people plateu from going too little and too much on different things. The body goes into stress or something and kinda freezes up, because things aren't right.

    The only way to figure it out, is to experiment