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Could Whey be causing my eczema flare up?

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  • Could Whey be causing my eczema flare up?

    Hey, guys..I know there are some of you out there that have suffered from eczema or psoriasis in the past (or present)...hoping you can help me out.

    I was COVERED in eczema since I was a little baby, it wasn't til I went Paleo that it cleared up. Poof. For good...till now, a few years later.

    The ONLY thing I can attribute it to is the recent addition of a whey protein powder I have been using in the morning. When it is hot and sticky, I just do not eat "enough" I feel great with the extra protein, but now I have split open 2 knuckles, my inside wrists and elbow crooks are a burning, itchy mess. WTF? I have never used this brand..but I am ditching it tomorrow after using it for about 3 weeks. I usually add a tsp. of cocoa powder as well...

    Any thoughts would be helpful....I haven't changed my laundry detergent, soap or anything I can think of!
    I generally avoid milk, but will eat some cheese or cream. I recently quit coffee. No major changes or stress, (kids out of school!) Nothing new as far as birth control, new environments...nothing else I can put a finger on.

    Anyone have reactions to whey?
    Thanks, as always!

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    Is your whey protein isolate or concentrate?

    Mark did a post a while back about this and said that the isolate kind is preferable especially if you have any adverse reactions to milk.


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      Thanks, Paleobird, I checked the pack and it has both. I could have sworn I have used it in the past with no problems, but it has been awhile...I *gasp* also used to use a soy protein, years ago. Maybe I am more sensitive to the whey now? (as I certainly am with wheat, a small amount immediately makes me look pregnant) I just have not had a reaction like this in so long...unless I knew for sure my Hubby used "his" detergent on the sheets by mistake or something easily remedied (or re washed). This has gotten worse..Hmmm.


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        You might also look into egg white protein powder.


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          LOL, I always laugh when I think of my situation as an infant,,,my Mom doing what she thought was best in the 70's...had a baby that looked like raw hamburger (her words) who was CLEARLY allergic to SOMETHING...but was fed formula...made from, yup, cow's milk. (eventually switched to soy-big step in the 70's) So this is why I am OK with not regularly consuming milk products, and why I think I should bring back the rest of my whey and get a refund.
          I have never been tested for allergies to milk, casein, lactose or wheat, for that matter, but clearly I should avoid. Never had any "digestive" issues either, (other than the hilarious bloating after eating wheat) just erupts in my skin in a fiery, itchy mess. And yeah, I nursed my kids, and they don't have these problems!

          Eggs I love and seem to be fine with, I just lose my taste for them over the summer, so the egg protein might be worth a shot. Although, I was *supposed* to avoid eggs as a child, interesting now that I am NOT consuming them that I have a problem! LOL, I am partial to the yolks, though..

          I may just go back to eating what I damned well feel like all summer. If its 800 kcals and 30g protein, whatever. I always get nice and lean over the summer, so who cares? I eat lots of local veg, fruit and seafood. The problem is I "evolutionarily" pig out in the fall and


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              Whenever my baby has the eczema flare, Foderma serum is what I used.This relieves the flare after three apps and eases his skin when feeling itchy. We stopped using the medicated creams after using foderma serum. I highly recommend foderma .


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                My son has a few white patches show up when he has casein.