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  • Shout out to a newbie!

    Hi there!

    I think I've been reading the Daily Apple forever, but never got into talking on the forums. With Mark's encouragement through e-mail, I'm here. I've been Primal on and off for about a year now, and have been GAINING weight. I just ordered a Primal Leap Kit and am going to go that route, and could really use some support in my little science experiment. I feel like I understand the Blueprint and have read the book, but somehow, things haven't dialed in for me quite yet.

    Unfortunately, I've always had a life filled with disordered eating and such, so finding balance in this part of my life has always been a struggle. If this is you too, I'd like to listen.


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    Hi MissCrossfit, Welcome. I hope you find succes.


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      Welcome! While primal is the way to go, it doesn't mean you don't need to be thoughtful and careful about when and how you eat. I highly recommend Paleobird's calorie counting thread, and there are some leptin threads, including one I started, that you might find useful. Good luck!

      I was a sugarbaby; meaning since I was born I was given lots of sugar, and ate lots of processed foods, especially sweets until I was into my thirties. Most people in the west were/are sugarbabies.

      “How does today’s youngster educate his sense of taste? By submerging it in a sea of sugar from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.” W. Root and Richard DeRochemont, Eating in America (1976)