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feeding my gut bacteria

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  • feeding my gut bacteria

    I recently had to do a course of antibiotics, and I'm trying like crazy to repopulate my gut with good bacteria. I'm drinking lots of kefir and home made kombucha. I'm kinda hoping to avoid more expensive supplements as budget is a bit tight right now. Other than the sources of inulin like Jerusalem artichokes or onions, are there any other foods I should emphasize in this repopulation phase to try to ensure that the bacteria in my gut are happy and well fed?

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    Kimchi and sauerkraut would be at the top of my list. I eat a little kimchi almost daily anyway. And I think bone broth wouldn't hurt either.


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      ^ This. Have some fermented foods with each meal.
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        ok, home made sauerkraut at every meal. anything else?


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          Raw meat anyone?


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            I remember watching a video of a british tv program (I apologize, I can't remember what the program was and can't find a link) where they studied whether pre- or pro-biotics were better for increasing bacteria in your gut and the results were strongly in favor of prebiotics by a huge margin.
            See list page for a list of pre-biotic foods.
            This study reinforced my belief that it's best to believe in foods that aren't advertized (dandelion greens, garlic, asparagus and onions don't have a huge share of the world marketing budget) versus those that are advertized (danon yogurt)
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              Originally posted by moonablaze View Post
              Other than the sources of inulin like Jerusalem artichokes or onions ...
              As I understand it, Jerusalem artichokes (and in general inulin) can feed the wrong bacteria just as well. However, maybe that's not relevant in your case ...

              I do think I'd stop short of buying inulin supplements.

              So far as fermented vegetable foods go there's beet kvass as well as sauerkraut:

              ‪beet kvaas pt1 210208‬‏ - YouTube